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IT Services Gold Coast

A little about me

I am 28 (at the time of writing of course) and have now completed my Psychology degree. I started this business in order make a little money while studying back in 2011. I was enrolled in my honours year, but since the business had grown so quickly, I had decided to put Uni aside for a while in order to focus on the business. As the business grew so fast, I never did return to complete my honours, but I love that I get to use the knowledge and principles I gained to run my own business and I hope to go back one day.

I have always been interested in computers. My dad gave me one of the first laptops ever made (A Tandy TRS-80 Model 100) when I was nine, and I have been tinkering and repairing computers for friends ever since. Over the years I did all sorts of computer related courses and training. I worked as a barista, a sales person, a mortgage broker for 2 years, and a number of other jobs before deciding to spend some time overseas, and eventually I ended up doing IT at uni. This turned out to be a bit silly as I wasn’t learning anything new, so I switched to a Psychology degree, got very good grades, and then started this business.

I gained a lot of sales experience from my jobs at a number of large computer retail stores (which will remain unnamed) for which I was among the top in Australia at various times. However, while being #1 sales person and making lots of money was great (at age 17), I found, over a couple of years, that certain things were starting to bother me. Essentially it came down to the insidious culture of ‘profit at the expense of all else’. While claiming to be all about customer service, these shops promoted an aggressively competitive culture among sales people, with a focus on profit margin above all else. I realise obviously that a business must make a profit, but I don’t believe that these companies are going about it in the right way.

The way I do business

So I run my business according to a number of beliefs (principles I guess):

– I firmly believe that your reputation is your greatest asset. I run a business to make a profit (of course), however, I know that what you put out there comes back around. Therefore I genuinely believe that you can run a profitable business while actually doing the right thing by other people (although I acknowledge it may take a little longer!).

– I believe in treating others as THEY wish to be treated. I believe that no matter how big your business grows, you must never forget that your customers are real people, and that NOT doing something as and when promised can and will inconvenience them (as it does me).

– I believe that life happens. Mistakes are made, things are forgotten, and not everything turns out as planned. But I believe that being honest with people about these situations is vitally important. If I stuff up, then I will accept responsibility and I will tell you. If something is going to take longer than anticipated, I will keep you updated. I don’t claim to be perfect and I don’t expect others to be either.

– I believe in quality over quantity, I believe that you get what you pay for, and I believe that a job well done deserves appropriate payment. While I maintain competitive pricing, I try to be genuine and stay away from gimmicky catch lines. I DO NOT guarantee to “beat any price out there by 10%!!” but I do guarantee each job will be completed to a high standard, that it will be completed within a reasonable time frame, that I will maintain contact with you through the process, and that I will warrant my parts and workmanship.

Overall I guess I believe that what goes around comes around, and so far it is paying off.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope we can help you out with your computer hassles in the near future.


Michael L.