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Computer Tech who works out of my home.

I also provide on-site services, pick-up/delivery, and discounted services to the elderly and handicapped.

Been tinkering with PCs since Win 3.0 and have a small collection of working PCs and Laptops - 95(2), 98(3), ME(1), XP(2), Vista(1), 7(1)

Would love to get a hold of a working 3.0 or 3.1 for my collection.

I've also dabbled a little with *NIX systems, but I'm far from knowing all the in's and out's of them.

Tried the MAC OS, didn't much like it, so I don't do much with them other than hardware repairs/upgrades.

Don't claim to be a "Know It All" - There's always something more to be learned !


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