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Eager and passionate to bring multi-modal instruction and activities into the classroom, I am particularly interested in fostering and developing learning communities and safe spaces for student thought, research, and inquiry. Informed by a post-structural, feminist epistemology, I specialize in 20th/21st English & American Literature, Critical Theory, Women’s Studies, Technical and Scientific Communication, and Writing Center studies and praxis with sub-specialties in areas of postmodernism, cultural/rhetorical criticism, and British/American Gothicism. I’m interested in establishing a broader definition of textuality and literacy in the classroom through an emphasis on incorporating modern, relevant, and challenging material into my courses.

I have experience teaching at the collegial level as an instructor of English 111, 211, and 218 at NMSU where I am developing my skills in higher education and curriculum construction. I also work as a consultant and Coordinator in the Writing Center at NMSU, where I help clients through revision processes and writing support, as well as schedule consultations and provide workshops across the university