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Hi, I'm Paige

I'm from Boulder, Colorado:

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And currently live in San Luis Obispo, California:

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The mountains have my heart. I love to hike, backpack, camp, rock climb, and be outside as much as possible.

I'm always trying to learn new things, and as a result I'm happily mediocre at many other hobbies, including: volleyball, badminton, yoga, swimming, running, biking, racquetball, and ultimate frisbee.

When I find myself stuck inside (or worse, stuck in traffic) I listen to a lot of podcasts in an attempt to learn even more new things. (If you've never listened to any I would suggest: TED Radio Hour, Invisibilia, Revisionist History, and Serial.)

When I'm not out enjoying nature, I'm working as a Technical Writer for iFixit and studying Biomedical Engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

Here are some pictures of my recent adventures that will hopefully make you think I'm cool:

Block Image

Bouldering in St. George, UT

Block Image

Cave kayaking near Shell Beach, CA

Block Image

Canyoneering in Death Valley NP, CA

Block Image

Enjoying a scenic nap in Yosemite NP, CA

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