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About Me

Hi, I’m Michael, I am the Managing Video Director here at iFixit! I joined iFixit way back in 2009 as a customer support person and soon shifted gears, putting to work my nearly 15 years of experience in video production by helping start the iFixit YouTube channel.

Since then, I’ve interviewed tons of fixers, worked with lots of great people, taken apart hundreds of devices—and fixed just as many!

Education and Experience

After getting my BA in Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University, I spent several years in the Bay Area working on a variety of short films, documentaries, and experimental projects. In between film projects I worked at CNET Networks as a lab technician where I tested a variety of DSLR cameras, monitors, and printers for review on the site.

I moved to Los Angeles shortly after and started working with a full-service production house where I worked in every aspect of film production, for a variety of corporate clinics including the Westfield group and MTV.

I joined iFixit in 2009 as a Customer Support person, providing technical support to customers during their repairs, and then quickly pivoted to the creation of the iFixit YouTube channel. My very first video for iFixit was a teardown for the original ++Xbox Kinect++

More About Me

When I am not at work you can find me most likely at home, with my wife, my 3-year-old daughter, my fat cat, and my lone surviving sea monkey.

Where Else to Find Me

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