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2008-2013 Volkswagen Golf Troubleshooting

Turning the key in the ignition does not start the engine.

The vehicle requires a minimum amount of fuel to start and run the engine. A low fuel level is indicated by the low fuel warning light on the fuel gauge instrument cluster. Add fuel to the vehicle and attempt to start the engine.

The vehicle will not start if the battery is drained or has otherwise gone bad. An audible and rapid clicking noise may be heard when turning the key in the ignition. In this case, the battery may need to be recharged using jumper cables, or a similar device. If jumping the battery does not work, then the battery may have gone bad and will need to be replaced.

Each key is specifically made for each individual vehicle. If the key will not turn in the ignition then check to make sure the correct key is being used. Attempting to use the wrong key in the vehicle's ignition may damage the ignition and require further repair.

Pushing the button on the remote entry key does not lock or unlock the vehicle.

Usage of the remote entry key requires that the vehicle is near enough to detect the signal from the remote entry key. Move closer to the vehicle and try to use the remote entry key again.

The vehicle's remote entry key is powered by a small internal battery. Over time, this battery will be depleted and will need to be replaced.

The remote entry key will not invoke a response from the vehicle's locking mechanism if the vehicle's battery is drained. Check the vehicle's battery and repair/replace if necessary.

The low tire pressure warning light has appeared on instrument cluster.

The low tire pressure warning light will turn on if one or more of the vehicle's tires does not have sufficient pressure. Add air to the tires until the appropriate pressure is achieved, as noted on a sticker located on the driver's door jam. Press and hold the SET button located in the glove box until the low pressure indicator turns off.

The low tire pressure warning light will also turn on if a change in tire shape is detected. Check the vehicle's tires for damage, including tread or sidewall wear. If noe damage is detected then check the air pressure and press the SET button as described above.

The low tire pressure warning light may turn on due to some other system malfunction. If the tire pressure is correct and no tire damage is detected then a system malfunction may have occurred. Take the vehicle to a service center for further investigation.

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