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Aiptek DZO-V58N Troubleshooting

Camcorder won't turn on

Your camcorder will not turn on.

Uncharged battery

If the battery is dead, the camcorder can not power on. Try plugging the device into the power adapter to recharge it.

Dirty battery contacts

If the contacts on the battery are damaged or dirty, the battery is unable to provide current for the device to run. The contacts can be cleaned by simply rubbing the contacts with a clean pencil eraser.

Degraded Battery

If the battery dies after only brief usage or doesn't have the capacity it previously had, try replacing the battery. Temperatures over 76ºF can cause the battery to degrade at a quicker rate than normal.

Bad screen

If the LCD screen remains black after power on, it indicates a problem with the LCD screen on the device. Replacing the LCD screen will correct the issue.

Camcorder doesn't playback with sound

No sound is played from your camcorder.

Bad speaker

If your camcorder does not play back sounds, it is possible replacing the speaker could solve the issue.

Bad microphone

A faulty microphone will prevent the camcorder from capturing sound in your videos. If there is no sound in your videos, replacing the microphone will allow the camcorder to pick up sound again.

Image is not captured clearly

Your videos are blurry or contain artifacts.

Lens protector dirty or scratched

Video that is blurry or overlaid by darks lines or shapes is often caused by a dirt or scratches on the clear plastic lens protector in front of the lens. To fix this problem, replace the lens protector.

Image is distorted or shows cracks

Your videos are warped or stretched out.

Damaged lens

If none of the above solutions have solved your issue, it is possible the lens itself is damaged. The lens is a very precise, fragile component made of glass. Dropping the camcorder may cause the lens to dislodge, shift, or crack. Try replacing the lens to correct this issue.

Video is coming up black

No picture is captured in your videos.

Insufficient light

If the picture is dark, but sounds are still recorded, it is possible there is insufficient light where you are recording. The video camcorder's image sensor requires light in order to capture images. Be sure adequate lighting exists while recording with the device. The sun is an excellent source of light, but if you are indoors or are shooting at night a good source of light is necessary to provide quality video recordings.

Blocked lens

Video that is totally dark but still contains sound could be caused by a blocked lens. The camera captures video through the lens. Make sure the removable lens protector or any other items are cleared from directly in front of the lens.

Bad image sensor

If the device fails to record or even give a live preview on the LCD screen the image sensor may be damaged. A damaged image sensor will cause the camcorder to be unable to record or display video. The image sensor must be replaced by the manufacturer.

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