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Apple TV 4K Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Apple TV 4K (model number A1842).

No Standby LED When the Apple TV 4K Plugged In

There is no standby LED light turned on when the Apple TV is plugged in.

Faulty Power Supply

The Apple TV not turning on may be the result of the power supply being faulty. If the power cord is plugged in but you are seeing no light on the Apple TV itself, the power supply may need to be replaced. Follow this guide explaining how to replace the power supply.

Damaged Power Connector

Your power connector may be damaged in some way preventing your Apple TV from turning on when plugged in. Repairing/replacing the power connector may be needed.

No Displayed Image

Your Apple TV turns on, but does not give a display output.

Incorrect Input Source Being Used

After having connected your Apple TV to your TV using the HDMI cable and making sure that the Apple TV itself is plugged in, your TV may not be set to the proper input source which will keep you from seeing any image on your display. You'll want to make sure to change the input source to the matching HDMI port that the Apple TV is plugged in to.

Bad HDMI cable

Try using your HDMI cable on a different device. If it works on a different device your HDMI cable my be bad.

Damaged Logic Board

It's possible that the logic board in your Apple TV is damaged so the device doesn't function properly. If this is the case, follow this guide explaining how to replace the logic board.

Poor Battery Life on Apple TV Remote

Your remote doesn't seem to hold a charge well.

Damaged Charge Port

If your Apple TV Remote is plugged in and should be charging, but there is no visible light coming from the device, the charging port may be damaged and need to be replaced. You will want to inspect your charging port for physical damage such as bent prongs or an irregular fit with your lightning cable.

Faulty Battery

It is possible that if your Apple TV Remote loses charge quickly, even after it has been charging for a while, the battery may be faulty. The Apple TV Remote uses a rechargeable battery, so the replacement may be a bit more difficult but still doable. Replace the battery using this guide.

Apple TV Remote is Unresponsive

The buttons on your remote appear to be unresponsive.

Damaged Logic Board

If the Apple TV Remote doesn't respond to your button clicks, a damaged logic board could be the cause. Follow this guide to replace the logic board.

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