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Beiens Cartoon RC Race Car Troubleshooting

The Beiens Cartoon RC Race Car is a toy made in China designed for kids 18 months and older. It comes with a removable race car driver figure and a remote controller. The race car requires 3 AA batteries, and the remote requires 2 AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the toy.

The car will not turn on

The car will not turn on!

Switch turned off

Make sure the switch is in the on position.

The batteries are not installed

Batteries are required in order for the car to run. The batteries are not included in the package, so make sure you have AA batteries to put inside the car and the remote. If you need help installing the batteries, refer to the repair guide.

The batteries are dead

If you have installed the batteries and the car still will not turn on, the batteries may be dead. Buy a fresh pack of batteries and replace the old batteries.

The car is not responding to the controller

The car will not move after pressing the buttons on the controller.

The controller is off

First check to make sure the switch on the controller is turned on.

The batteries in the remote are dead

Check your batteries in the controller. If you didn’t use fresh batteries, replace the old batteries with new ones. Also, if the battery in the controller is backwards, the controller won’t work.

Antenna is not extended

Be certain that the antenna on the car is extended to its full length. If it is extended and the car still won’t respond, you may need to replace the antenna. Refer to the replacement guide for help.

Car won’t steer correctly

The car won’t respond to the remote control actions or go in the correct direction.

Wheels are worn out

If the wheels are worn out, the car may not go in the correct direction you want it to go. Try replacing the wheels. If you need help, refer to the replacement guide.

Axle is stuck

Objects can easily get stuck in between the wheels. Turn the car over and inspect the wheels to make sure that nothing got caught in them.

Led lighting is out

The lights are not on when the car is on.

Led lighting is burned out

Your led lighting might be burnt out. You should replace the LED light bulb. For help, refer to the replacement guide.

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