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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Blu Studio 5.5 S Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for the Blu Studio 5.5 S smartphone (Model: d630u)

Phone will not turn on

Your Blu Studio 5.5 S will not turn on

Battery is dead

Most likely your battery is dead, try plugging your phone into the charger and letting it charge for a couple hours. If it will not charge, then move to "Phone will not charge."

Power button is not being pressed fully

Make sure your power button is pressed fully, worst case scenario is that your power button needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Phone will not charge

Your Blu Studio 5.5 S won't charge, or the battery is dead.

Charger is not plugged into the phone

If your phone is not charging, make sure that the charger is firmly plugged into the outlet and the microUSB port on your phone.

Bad electrical wall outlet

If your phone still isn't charging, perhaps the wall outlet is bad. Although you would most likely be aware of this, consider plugging your charger into another outlet to see if anything changes.

microUSB input is broken

The microUSB port on your phone may be broken or dirty, consider cleaning with a can of compressed air, if that fails, the port may need to be replaced.

Charger is broken

It is possible for the microUSB charger to be broken, attempted to use another charger to charge the phone to confirm this.

Battery is completely drained

There is a possibility that the phone battery has gone bad. If all else fails, consider purchasing a new one. See our replacement guide for more information Blu Studio 5.5 S Battery Replacement

Screen freezes

What to do if your Blu Studio 5.5 S freezes.


If your phone has frozen, wait a moment. The phone uses an Android os and will pop up an error if something has crashed, usually allowing for you to close anything crashing.

Force Shutdown

Try forcing the phone to shut off by pressing and holding the power button until it turns off. Once it does, wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

Remove battery

Pop off the back case and pull the battery out, this will hard shutoff the phone, removing any possible reasons why it may freeze.

Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is not turned on

Go to the pulldown menu at the top of the screen and tap the Wi-Fi icon, to enable Wi-Fi. It will automatically connect to an open Wi-Fi or previously remembered network.

You are out of range of a Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi networks have a limited range in which they are can be connected to. Try being right next to the source you're trying to connect to.

Router is turned off

If there is normally a Wi-Fi connection available in you're current area, check the service itself, perhaps it's not the phone but some technical error has occurred, with the Wi-Fi network itself.

Camera is out of focus/blurry

The front or rear camera is not working, or is blurry/ out of focus more than usual

Phone's battery is low.

Cameras require a lot of energy to work properly. Consider fully charging your phone before hand to ensure that this is not the issue. If you believe the battery is an issue consider replacing it.

Lens is Dirty

Perhaps the camera lens is smudged or dirty, with a light cloth, gently rub the lens careful not to scratch it, if this does not solve your problem move on.

Tap the Screen

It is a new feature of smartphones that to focus your camera you tap on the screen where it needs to focus on. If you do this and the green square turns red, it's just the lighting/location. If the square turns green, it's another issue and continue on.

Camera is Broken

There's a chance that your camera is broken, or the lens is cracked, to fix the lens consult our Base Case Repair Guide, and our Front and Back Camera replacement to fix this issue.

Blu Studio 5.5 S Front Facing Camera Replacement

Blu Studio 5.5 S Rear Facing Camera Replacement

12 Yorum

What to do if phone hangs only in contacts ?

S R Soni - Yanıt

I can't download music. Can u tell me how to fix that?

Jamisa Ingram - Yanıt

Can you help me my camara is on selfie mode and it won't let me take pictures

Rosa Collazo - Yanıt

My camera is not broken but it not working any more

ylataja - Yanıt

my blu studio wont take charge .. i bought a new battery it worked ,, but still wont charge phone is dead now over a month help please

elijah rodriguez - Yanıt

Studio Energy2 Phone. Ad-hock wifi network, I know SSID and PSSWD, register the SSID name on the list of wifi, but shows "out of range ". even under the antenna wifi. Sure it was working 3 months ago.

Any suggestions ?.

Mino Pontillo

minocom - Yanıt

Blu Studio 5.5 Cannot use uber:

I've been dealing with this for about a month, now - it started right before 25 December. Uber used to load beautifully, no problems at all. Then all of a sudden, it's started doing the following: I go to open the app, it goes to the start screen, then the second after it loads the map, it crashes. I had never used Lyft, but was desperate for a ride, so I installed the app only to find that it, too, crashed every time I attempted to open it - I managed to get through the setup process fine, but once it tried to run, no go. All of my other apps work fine (except for Google Maps, which has never worked for me in all the time I've had this phone.) I have uninstalled, force stopped, cleared data, rebooted... basically done everything I could think of outside of a hard reset. The weirdest thing is, the Uber app has updated at least once since this started happening. The version currently installed on my phone is 3.84.4, if that helps at all.

Shicheng Guo - Yanıt

My friend in USA bought BLU5.5S new and send it for me , I charge and started using a day after he started vibrating and when he does that the ( home, back and menu stop working) maybe after some days he will work regain and do the same thing continuously. Please I need your help to fix it back.

Abies - Yanıt

what do i do with my phone?some apps started crashing so i tried to reboot it to see if it will function correctly. after it restarted, it got stuck on the opening screen "BLU PRODUCTS". i also tried to hard reset the phone but same result.

Crish Gramz - Yanıt

My phone is stuck on the opening screen Blu Products. You can't turn it off so I had to remove the battery because it was getting hot. I had been havi g trouble with it for the past week. So I emptied the cache and rebooted and this happened. Help!!!

shannonconder - Yanıt

My phone is doing the same thing what did u have to do

shelleturner17 -

My camera is fine on its own, but when I use it on other apps such as Instagram and go live, it's all blurry and won't focus. I tried cleaning the lens and tapping on the screen to help it focus but it doesn't work. Please help.

Cindy Rivera - Yanıt

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