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Blu Studio 6.0 HD Troubleshooting

Released April 2014, Also known as BLU D650

Device Guides

Blu Studio won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your Blu Studio to turn on.

Drained/bad battery

If your Blu Studio won't turn on at all it's most likely because the battery is drained or bad.

Click Blu Studio HD 6.0 Battery Replacement for a guide on how to change your battery.

Bad display

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If it seems like the device powers on but nothing is happening, i.e. it vibrates or makes sounds, it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced.

Bad motherboard

If your devices seems to turn on but nothing is happening, i.e. the screen powers on but stays black, it is because the motherboard is bad. You can purchase motherboards for your phone here:

Blu Studio is Unresponsive

The Blu Studio's touch screen or buttons do not respond

Blu Studio is Off

Check to make sure the Blu Studio is on by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and wait, if the phone is still unresponsive continue reading.

Battery is Dead

The battery may have lost its charge, if so proceed to use the included charge and a working outlet. If the phone does not respond then the battery is dead and a new one must be purchased, see Blu Studio HD 6.0 Battery Replacement on how to replace the battery.

Water Damage

Following the Battery replacement guide safely remove the back panel and battery housing of the Blu Studio and check the white square on the top of the battery. If the square is not white but pink then the phone has water damage, see the section on water damage below.

Broken Touch Screen

If the Blu Studio's display is active but unresponsive to touch then restart the phone. If the screen is still unresponsive then the screen may need replacement. After purchasing a new screen follow the (Needs guide) on replacing the screen safely.

Memory Card Problems

Blu Studio does not save or read data.

Here is a guide on how to switch your MicroSD Card: Blu Studio HD 6.0 MicroSD Card Replacement

Memory card is absent

Remove the case following Back panel assembly guide and check to see if a memory card is inside the phone, if not then find and insert one. Memory cards for the Blu Studio can be purchased at

Install the memory card using this guide : Blu Studio HD 6.0 MicroSD Card Replacement

Memory Card is inserted incorrectly

Safely remove the memory card making sure no obstructions such as dust or damage exist, if none exist reinsert the card:

Blu Studio HD 6.0 MicroSD Card Replacement

Memory Full errors

Either delete media such as videos and/or pictures to clear up space, or purchase a larger memory card (64 GB>32 GB>16 GB). Note: The Blu Studio can only hold up to a 64 GB micro SD memory card.

Memory Card is broken

If a second memory card is on hand test the phone to see if the phone can recognize the 2nd card. If the 2nd card is recognized then the 1st card may be broken and a replacement must be purchased. If the phone does not recognize the 2nd card then the phones reader is broken and must be repaired at the store.

Broken Case


If the case is broken or cracked then a replacement must be purchased and attached by safely following the Back panel disassembling guide. Note: The Blu Studio only has a rear case panel.

Water Damage

Blu Studio has been in contact with water over a period of time.

If you think your Blu Studio is water damaged, then check the rectangular white sponge on the back of the battery. To remove the battery, follow the Battery replacement guide. You will see a white or pink/red rectangle. If the rectangle is white then that battery is not water damaged. If the rectangle is pink or red then your battery and likely the rest of the phone is water damaged. If you believe the battery to be the only part water damaged, then purchase a new battery before attempting to replace the phone.

If phone is not working, then here is a technique used by many. Soak your phone in 99% Isopropyl alcohol for about two hours. Once you have done that, put your phone in a bag of uncooked rice for a few hours. In this stage the rice will absorb all the moisture and hopefully restore your phone. If your phone is not fixed then your phone should be taken to a local store for evaluation.

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Very little is dedicated on how to move an application from opening screen...if you touch and hold you see "remove" at the top you must touch this quickly...and the app is moved the next app pages..if you touch and hold there, an uninstall window opens for a moment...touch u install I think, is gone

Rap - Yanıt

Also....very limited in phone protective if you are into style or want a case to match you either color or you drop your phone a lot...forget it...nada

Rap - Yanıt

How do I turn on hidden menu in blu 6.0hd lte

Dawodu Sanmi - Yanıt

with power off hold down home then up volume and power till screen starts then release power and hold till reset menu comes up

camaroangel1999 -

my blu 6.0 is stuck on the white blu screen and won't go past it. I did get the hidden menu up and did a factory reset but still the same. it will only power off if I remove the battery. was trying to do the hidden menu once and it came on perfect and everything worked then I had to replace my sd card and sim and now doing the same not booting past the blu screen. Done 3 factory resets then reboot and still gets stuck there.

camaroangel1999 -

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