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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

The Camera Does Not Turn On

The camera is not responding when the power button is pressed

The Battery may be Dead

The battery of the camera may have run dry and it needs to be charged. So remove the battery from the camera and put it into the charging housing. Finally, plug the charger into a wall socket. If the battery won’t hold a charge you may need to replace it.

The Battery may not be Properly Inserted

The battery must be placed in the compartment with the contacts facing down. The contacts are the little metal sections of the plastic battery that appear through the plastic casing. These should be in the direction of the metal prongs on the inside of the compartment so that they gain contact with the prongs. If this does not fix the issue, and you are certain that the battery is properly inserted attempt to clean the contacts with alcohol, do not soak the battery or get water on the battery.

The Power Button may not Work

See the button troubleshooting to make sure that it is the power button that is malfunctioning. If that is the case see our repair guide for replacing the button here.

There are Distortions found in Photos

Photos appear to have strange dots or lines when viewing them on the display

The Camera Lens or LCD Display may be Dirty

The LCD display or the lens of the Canon PowerShot A2500 may be dirty. Before replacing the lens or display, wipe the lens using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. This will ensure that there is no residue left on the lens of the camera. After the lens has been cleaned take another photo and see if the distortion remains.

If this did not solve the problem the LCD screen may be dirty. Use the same method of using a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol on the display. This will remove any residue that has accumulated throughout the use of the camera. After the display has been cleaned take another photo and check for the distortions.

The Camera Lens or LCD Display may be Scratched or Cracked

If the cleaning of the camera lens and LCD display did not resolve your problem, it is likely that there is a scratch or crack in either the lens or display. View the photos on your SD card that display the distortion using a computer. If the distortion still remains while viewing the photo from the computer, check your camera lens for a scratch or crack. If a scratch or crack is visible on the lens it will have to be replaced. View the repair guide for replacing your camera lens here.

If the distortion did not appear while viewing the photo using a computer, your LCD display may have a scratch or crack in it. If this is the case your LCD display will have to be replaced. View the repair guide for replacing your LCD display here.

The Buttons Do Not Work

The buttons which control the operation of the camera are not responding

Buttons may have ‘gunk’ in the Crevices

A camera that is used often may accumulate dirt and other substances that may hinder the performance of the buttons. If the buttons are not responding correctly because of this, you must first use a toothpick to clean out any residue that may be in the creases of the buttons. After the buttons are clean, take a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol on it and scrub the buttons. This will remove the remainder of the ‘gunk’ from your camera buttons.

The Buttons may be Stuck in Place and Need to be Popped Back into Place

If the buttons are compressed and not functioning first clean the buttons with rubbing alcohol to make sure there is no debris in the way. Next take an object like a toothpick or pin needle and try to pop the buttons back up.

The Buttons may be Completely Broken and Need to be Replaced

If the buttons are not responding after attempting to fix them or if they are broken and need to be replaced. View the repair guide for replacing the buttons here.

The Flash Does Not Work

Upon turning on the flash option, the bulb refuses to fire and no light is created

The Flash Setting may be Turned Off

First check that you have your camera in the proper setting and that the flash is turned on. Doing this you can press the right button on the directional pad. You can then select through the options using the directional buttons. Select your flash feature to either "Auto" or "On" by using the "Func Set" button. This will ensure that the flash is enabled.

The Battery may be Low

Next is the possibility that the camera does not have the proper amount of charge to operate the flash. If there is a low battery warning or if you have been using the camera for an extended period try recharging the battery. Once the battery is fully charged attempt to take another photo using the flash feature.

The Bulb may have Burned Out

The third option is that the bulb has burned out and is inoperable. The guide for replacing this bulb can be found here.

The Retractable Lens Does Not Work

The lens is not operating properly

The Battery may be Low

In some cases the battery may be low enough to the extent where the camera can function but there might not be enough power to activate the lens mechanism. Try recharging the battery and see if the lens works then. In order to recharge the battery you must remove the battery from the slot on the bottom of the camera, then place it in the charger provided. To ensure that no unforeseen issues arise, keep an eye on the battery while charging, and keep away from flammable materials.

The Lens may be Stuck

The camera lens may have become stuck from either dropping it, or particulate entering the casing. In an attempt to fix this issue make sure to shut off the camera, tap the camera side lightly on your palm, if this does not work, try cleaning the area around the lens with an alcohol swab very lightly concentrated or with a thin pin or toothpick. Gently wipe the edges of the lens crevice, and blow on the area to make sure it dries, if more difficult residue is found to be in the casing, it may require a removal of the face plate however try the best you can to clean the lens area without removing the face plate.

The Mechanism may have Failed, or the Trigger may have Failed

In the case that either the mechanism failed or the trigger failed this may require some fixing. Of course, internal fixing is always the last option this may be the case. If the mechanism does not move at all, the lens mechanism will have to be replaced. If the mechanism does not move when the zoom trigger is used then this would be a fault of the zoom trigger. In this case please refer to the repair guide found here.

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Camera turns on but has only black screen with icons. When you push button display shows busy. Will not take pictures.

lostinmo51 - Yanıt

Good afternoon, my camera's lens moves a bit out when switched on but wont fully open at all. What might be the problem and can it be fixed? Power Shot 2500.



Joseph Nakashole - Yanıt

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