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Datawind Ubislate7ci Troubleshooting

The volume may be turned down or muted

Try turning the volume up using the volume button on the side of your device.

The headphone jack may be occupied

Check if there is anything plugged into or stuck in your headphone jack. This will cause the device to send audio to the jack instead of your speakers.

The speakers may be broken

Please see our guide for replacing the speakers.

Your charger cord may be broken

The problem could be that your current power cord is faulty. Find a different but compatible cord and try recharging your tablet again.

The power jack is damaged

It is possible that your power jack may have been damaged. In this case, we recommend that you replace it. See our guide for replacing the power jack.

Your battery may be dead

After many charges, batteries lose their ability to hold charges. If your battery has died, you may want to replace it. Visit our guide for replacing the battery here.

The WiFi may be turned off

WiFi can be turned off in the settings of your tablet. Go into setting and be sure that airplane mode is off and that WiFi is turned on.

WiFi not in range

It is possible that there are no networks in the area. Be sure to check this before assuming your tablet is broken.

WiFi card is broken

Your WiFi card may have kicked the bucket. It's time for a replacement. See our replacement guide here.

Try restarting your device

Hold down the power button until your device turns off. Afterwards, try turning your device back on.

There may be an issue with the back-light

It is possible that your back-light is too dim or off completely. Add troubleshooting link here.

The tablet needs to be restarted

Try restarting your tablet by holding the power button to turn it off. Afterwards turn the device back on. This may restore it to working condition.

Too many application are open

You may have too many applications open. Press the "Task Manager" button to the right of the "Home" button. Swipe right on applications that you are no longer using. These unused applications use processing power and will slow down your tablet.

The processor is damaged

General wear and tear can inhibit the speed of your processor. It may come to a point where your processor is too slow to run. We recommend your replace the processor. Currently, however, there are no replacement guides for processors.

Datawind also offers customer support for all of its users. Feel free to direct any of your questions to Datawind themselves.

Customer Support:


Phone: 1-855-DATAWIND

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