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Dell PP07L Troubleshooting

Unable to Power-On Device

No matter what you try, your laptop isn’t turning on.


First off, check if the problem is the battery itself. If you are trying to turn on your laptop without plugging in the AC adapter, check if the battery is securely attached to the laptop.

If you are able to plug in your AC power adapter to your laptop without the battery being attached, you know that your laptop still works. If the laptop only turns on when the AC adapter is plugged in, it may either mean the battery can no longer hold a complete charged or is either dead.


Your laptop heats up fairly quickly and sometimes automatically shuts off.

Overheating and Shutting down

One of the main issues may be the collection of dust overtime. Use compressed air and blow through the back vents of your laptop on a weekly basis to reduce dust build-up to prevent overheating.

Heatsink Problem

If your computer suffers from overheating and automatic shutdowns after you have cleaned the vents, you may need to disassemble your laptop and check the heatsink if it's clogged with dust. Clean it with compressed air if the heatsink is clogged with dust. You may want to reapply thermal paste at this point too. If nothing else works, you may need to change the heatsink.

Loud noise from fan

Noise from the fan is louder than usual.

Loud noise from the fan may be caused by either the collection of dust or a faulty fan. To resolve this problem, clean out the back vents of your laptop using compressed air. If this problem persists, you may want to consider purchasing and replacing the fan.

Battery Icon Flashing

Battery icon light flashes even while plugged in.

Normally, if your laptop is flashing amber or at a stable amber color, it means the battery is low and you need to connect the AC power adapter.

However, if it still flashes amber and also green, it means the battery is too hot to charge. If this happens, you need to disconnect your laptop from an electrical outlet and wait until your battery cools to room temperature.

If your battery is RAPIDLY flashing amber, this means your battery is defective and may need to be replaced.

Blank screen

You can hear your computer running, but there is no display on screen.

If you are able to hear noise from your laptop, it's from your hard drive working but yet the display still is not working. If your display have not turned on, it needs to be replaced.

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The lights flash for a second in the front but nothing happens. laptop won’t turn on at all

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