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Device Froze

If your device freezes, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This will shut off the device. Restart as normal.

You may also pin the "Reset" button on the side for 10 seconds to restart.

Touch Panel is Not Responding

Press the "Reset" button to see if the tablet can be rebooted and gain access to the home page.

Once you have entered the homepage press the volume button to see if you are able to raise and lower the volume.

If your system can be rebooted and you are able to adjust the volume the touch sensor function may be bad.

Not Holding a Charge

Try using a different USB cable to see if it will charge then.

If it still does not charge try changing the wall charger.

If it is still unable to charge your charging port may have become loose or detached.

Device Won't Turn On

Hold power button for 10 seconds.

Plug your device to a wall charger and attempt to power on.

If it fails to charge and power on your device battery may be bad.

Not Able to Locate File Downloaded Via Internet

From default setting, all downloads from the internet will be saved to a folder called "Download" under internal storage SDcard.

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My screen is not working

leeeddie62 - Yanıt

My digital 2 -9” turn on but the screen goes black

Khalia Mumford - Yanıt

Digital2 7”. Fully charged. When turning on it gets to the screen “Digital2” with the light appearing to pass through the letters. Never goes to home screen.

Jan Whipple - Yanıt

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