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HP HDX 16 Troubleshooting

Computer won't turn on

You can't seem to turn on your computer, no matter what you try.

Not Getting Power

Check the list below to confirm your laptop is getting power when you charge your laptop:

  1. Power Light on Charger is on
  2. Charging light on the laptop is on

If the power light on the charger doesn't turn on, then the charger is not receiving power from the outlet. Try a different outlet, if this doesn't work you need to buy a new power cord.

If the power light on the charger is on but the laptop charge light isn't on, there is something wrong with the laptop itself. These issues could be:

  1. Bad battery that needs to be replaced
    • The laptop turns on when plugged in to a power source but doesn't turn on or dies immediately after turning the laptop on. Learn to replace your battery.
  2. Bad power cable port
    • The laptop doesn't turn on even when the laptop is plugged into a power source

If all of these lights are on, then that means that the battery doesn't have enough charge. Let the battery recharge and then try again.

Computer Gets Hot to the Touch then Shuts Down

Your computer automatically shuts off and also gets hot to the touch.

What is your laptop's location

Your laptop must be in an appropriate location so that the air vents, that vent the heat out of your laptop, are not blocked. If you are experiencing this problem consider investing in a laptop stand.

Laptop stands will:

  • Elevate your laptop off any surface
  • Reduce the amount of vents that are being blocked
  • Increase the longevity of your system

Here is a link to the HP HDX16 forum pertaining to overheating.

Weird grinding sound coming from the laptop

If there is a strange abnormal grinding sound that is coming from the computer that is constant, this means that your fan needs to be replaced.

Blank Screen On Start-up

Your computer does turn on and but your screen doesn't even light up.

Screen is still visible

If the screen is blank, follow the guide below. If the screen is fuzzy continue reading further down.

Take a flashlight when the computer is turned on, shine it on the screen and look very closely. If you see a a very faint image then you are in luck, it is not the LCD cable that has come loose. it is either:

  1. The inverter
    • High voltage transformer
  2. The lamps in the screen
    • The lamps that actually supply the light for the back-light.

There is no way to tell which one is causing the actual problem, or if it is both, so we will start with the easiest and least expensive, replacing the inverter.

If the problem turns out to not be your inverter, then the next step is replacing your lamps.

Totally blank screen

Make sure you read the topic above before proceeding as it will save you time, money, and a big headache.

So if the the article stated above did not apply to you, then you are going to have to check your LCD cable. It can either be loose, or it needs to be replaced.

The Screen Looks Fuzzy During Operation

All of the images on the screen are blurry and not sharply defined.

Problem Solving Steps

So this could mean one of 4 things:

  1. You need a new graphics card
  2. Your LCD cable is loose and needs to be reconnected
  3. Your LCD cable is damaged and needs to be replaced
  4. Your LCD screen needs to be replaced

The easiest way to start would be to hook up your laptop to an external monitor. If your laptop works on the external monitor then you have just saved yourself $150+. If not, then you will need a new graphics card.

If an external monitor or new graphics card don't help, then you will need to see if your LCD cable is loose or damaged and needs to be replaced. If this didn't solve your problem, then you need to replace your LCD screen.

This is a link to the forum concerning problems with a blank screen.

The Touch Pad is Unresponsive

The touch pad is unresponsive after a certain period of time.

Windows Updates

This is a common problem that is normally associated with updating windows. To get rid of the problem you are going to have to go back to a restore point through the control panel of your computer.

WiFi Disconnects

My WiFi is connected to a network then disconnects at random.

Reset Your Router

This happens to almost everyone that has a WiFi router. All you have to do is unplug the router's power for 30 seconds and then plug it back it back in.

Bad WiFi Card

If the resetting your router didn't work in fixing your problem then the problem could be a problem with your WiFi card. First follow the steps in this forum and also contact your internet provider to make sure that the problem isn't your service or the router. Then if all seems to be in order follow this HP HDX 16-1160US Wifi Card Replacement to replace your WiFi card.

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