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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

HP Pavilion DV7-4065x Troubleshooting

Model Number WQ861UA#ABA

Keyboard/Keys Not Responding

The keys on your keyboard won't respond or appear to be broken or missing.

Faulty Keyboard

If the entire keyboard fails to respond, try replacing it with this guide.

Sticky Keys

Keys are stuck in place. When keys can't be pressed, there may be something below the physical key holding it up. Try using an air duster to clean the underneath of the key. If this fails to work, unfortunately on this keyboard the individual keys do not come off, so you will have to replace the entire keyboard using this guide.

Display Not Functioning Properly

Your display appears to have pixels that are always black, or the physical screen was cracked due to damage.

Cracked Screen

I'm sure you would be able to recognize a cracked screen, it was probably damaged during use of the computer. If the screen has major scratches or cracks, you probably want to replace the screen.

Display Not Responsive

The display is not responsive or will not turn on. Ensure that the rest of your computer is functioning properly. Make sure the battery is sufficiently charge, and connected properly. Try connecting with the power supply. If the computer fans are running, and the computer is clearly running, then you may need to replace the screen.

Pixels Damaged or Burnt Out

Some pixels show up black. If the screen was damaged or pixels were burnt out, the LDC's might be completely black in some areas. This may look like lined down the screen, or random black dots all over the display. If this is the case, you might want to look into replacing the display.

CD Drive Not Functioning

If the computer doesn't read discs, or the drive does not open, you may need to fix or replace the CD Drive.

CD Drive Sensor Broken

CD Drive is not reading discs. If the CD drive is not function properly, the first step would be to reboot the computer. If this still doesn't work, try using a different disc, as that one may be scratched or unreadable. Try opening the disc tray and dusting the inside with an air duster. If the CD Drive still doesn't function, you may need to replace the drive.

Physical Disc Holder Broken

If the disc holder does not open, try first rebooting the computer. Try connecting the computer directly to the power supply. If this still fails to work, or the physical disc is damaged, then you may need to replace the disc drive.

Upgrade Hard Drive Storage/Disc Corrupted

Errors show up saying hard disc is full or computer won't turn on and instead makes clicking noises. You may consider upgrading or replacing your hard disc.

Hard Disc Corrupted

On startup, the disc makes a loud grinding or clicking noise and the computer doesn't start up. This is most likely because the hard drive has failed. If this is the case, replace the hard drive using this guide.

Computer Ran out of Disc Space

If your computer does not allow you to save additional files, you may wish to delete some unnecessary files. If deleting files doesn't cut it and you want to store more, you might also want to upgrade your hard drive to have more storage. In this case, you would have to replace the hard drive with a better one, using this guide.

Wi-Fi Card Not Functioning Properly

Your Wi-Fi doesn't show any networks or signal is weaker than other devices.

Wi-Fi Card Not Picking up Enough Signal

If you find that another device is picking up many more networks than your laptop, then your Wi-Fi card may be to blame. If you find that your signal is weak while other devices connect fine, then you might consider upgrading your Wi-Fi card, using this guide.

Wi-Fi Card Crashing

If you find that your computer isn't showing any Wi-Fi networks at all, first try restarting your laptop. Double check that another device is showing the proper networks. If other devices connect fine and your computer still doesn't show any networks, this may be due to a crashing Wi-Fi card. This means you may have to replace the Wi-Fi card, using this guide.

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