If your BBQ ignition system suddenly stop working normally, it may render your grill completely useless, as you won't be able to start it. First, let's make things clear in terms of terminology to avoid any potential confusion. You already know that barbecue, BBQ, grill and smoker are often used to name the same device. Similarly, there are a few synonyms used to denote the ignition system: igniter, lighter, starter. There are various reasons why your igniter may fail and respectively, there are different solutions.

  • Ignition button not clicking. If your switch/button doesn't make a clicking sound when you try to light the BBQ, then probably you need to align it well with the surrounding control panel.
  • Battery is gone. There is a battery (most likely AA size) right behind the button – just unscrew it and you'll see it. Take your old battery out and replace it with a new one to see if that solves the problem.
  • Loose wires. One or more of the connected wires (found behind the control dashboard) may have loosen – take each out and then carefully put it back in its place tightly.
  • Area is wet/damp due to weather conditions. If it's been raining lately, the probe might be not completely dry yet. Try to light your BBQ manually with a gas or cigarette lighter. Once the whole grill is hot enough, the ignition system will dry naturally.
  • Button is not clean. If you don't do barbecue cleaning regularly, the switch may become sticky because of collected grease or other filth. Contamination may even get deeper in the ignition casing over time. Clean up the control panel thoroughly.

If nothing of the above works for you, then your last chance is to replace the whole casing of the grill ignition system.

In order to change your ignition case, you need a new one. There are two options here, the first and better one being to find a dealer who offers an exact match of your current, original ignition box. Second option is to buy a universal ignition kit. No matter which one you pick, here are the steps to carry out the replacement.

  1. Unscrew the visible front part of the button/switch (you may need a wrench)
  2. The ignition housing (probably box-shaped) on the back side of the control panel is now loose – bring it closer to you, so you can see well the attached wires (maybe 3 or 4)
  3. Look carefully at the way wires are connected to the case and remember it, then disconnect each of them
  4. Take the new ignition case (replacement kit) and plug in wires to the appropriate ports
  5. Put the new BBQ ignition casing where the old one was
  6. Align it well and screw back the front part of the igniter button

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ignition switch is sealed it is a coolabah barberque from aldi


Anyone know if I can switch out my battery powered push button BBQ igniter for a non-battery powered Piezo push-button igniter? I have a built-in PGS k40 propane grill.

Leah - Yanıt

Please help we just unwrapped our new webber Q and the ignition button does not click my partner thinks it's broken. Can anyone please help with this problem

srw64 - Yanıt

I bought a used Grill Master 720-0697 and cleaned it up. The ignition worked the first day but not the second day. I unscrewed the button and there was the battery! Replaced the battery and it works again. Thanks.

Robert Lloyd - Yanıt

Anybody actually get their grill spark working? I have no clue what these instructions are for but they should be taken down or labeled to fit whatever the heck they are talking about! My grill doesn’t have batteries or buttons to push; you turn the knob to generate a spark. I changed the assembly for the grill and it still doesn’t generate a spark.

Marie Johnson - Yanıt

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