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IBM Thinkpad T42 Troubleshooting


IBM ThinkPad T42 won't turn on

Your computer will not boot.

Check Power Status

Check that the power cable is plugged in. Power status indicator light above the keyboard, represented by a circle with a lightning through it, will be lit when the computer is on (not in standby or hibernation mode)

Check Physical Connections

Try to eliminate possible faults in the circuit – plug the laptop directly into a working wall outlet. Then check if the power brick attached to the power wire is damaged or if wires are showing/frayed. Check all connections in the power cable, adapter, power port and wall to make sure everything fits snugly.

Bad Component in System

A possible reason the ThinkPad will not turn on is a bad component. Do this only if the previous two steps did not yield results.

Remove these components of the ThinkPad after disconnecting the AC adapter:

- Battery Pack

- Memory Module (DIMM) / RAM sticks

- Any replaceable cards externally inserted

- CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD drive if it’s replaceable

- Hard drive

Wait 30 seconds, then reinstall only the memory DIMM and functioning battery pack (or plug the power cord in).

Reinstall devices one at a time in the reverse order. **When reinstalling the hard drive, disconnect power and battery pack first, then plug back in after reinstallation.

This process will help you identify which component is malfunctioning.

Laptop shuts off when I unplug it

Dead battery

If your battery is dead, the computer will fine with the power adapter plugged in, but power down or shut off when unplugged. A dead battery may not accept a charge when plugged in. The computer may not recognize the battery ether. Also, the battery may be recognized by the computer and appear as though it is charged but fail to power the computer when the power adapter is unplugged. The easiest way to test for a dead battery is to replace the battery.

My screen looks black, but I can see faint graphics on it


If the back light isn't working several parts may be bad. The inverter, the inverter cables, the display, or the logic board. If the backlight works intermittently and fails when the display is moved around, the problem is with the inverter cables. If its not the inverter cables it is necessary to replace parts one by one to seek out the damaged part. First, replace the display inverter. If that doesn't work, replace the assembly. If that doesn't solve.If that still doesn't solve the problem, a new logic board is needed.

The trackpad does not work

The computer boots, but the trackpad does not work properly.

The trackpad is disabled

The trackpad may be disabled on your computer. This can be changed in the control panel under the device properties.

The necessary drivers are not on the computer

Make sure that you have the right drivers for your operating system. If the proper drivers are not on your computer, the trackpad may not work properly. The drivers can be downloaded on the Lenevo website.

The keyboard does not work

Not enough memory or wrong type of memory

There is a delay when I type on the keyboard.

It is important to make sure there is enough memory in your computer. If there is not enough memory, the computer will not be able to run fast. More memory needs to be added. If you already have enough memory, make sure that the memory is compatible with the computer.

Hold Fn + F9

When I type, numbers show up instead of the letter I typed in.

You might have accidentally changed your keyboard settings with a hotkey. Hold Fn and F9 and this might switch the settings back.

Keyboard is bad

The keyboard might be broken. If this is the case, it needs to be replaced.

Fan Error

''On bootup, there is a black screen with a "fan error" message or the fan is extremely loud."

Bad fan or heat sink

This indicates a problem with the fan or the heatsink. On this particular model, the heat sink and the fan are connected so a problem with either or both may cause the "fan error message" to be displayed. This means that the computer is not being cooled and has the potential to overheat. If the "fan error" message continues to display at bootup, the fan needs to be replaced.

Jam in the fan

There might be something like dust or debris that is jamming the fan. The fan needs to be cleaned.

The wireless LAN is not working

I cannot connect to networks

Wireless LAN turned off

Your wireless LAN may be turned off. To check the network adapter go to the Control Panel, Click on System, click on Hardware Tab then Device Manager, then scroll down and click on Network adapters. If you don't see your network controller or you see a yellow "?" against Other devices for the Network controller, it has either been disabled and/or the driver was not installed. If you do not have the driver, download it from the IBM website.

None of the above

Nothing above matches your problem, or you've tried a solution suggested above, but it didn't help.

If none of these solutions work, consult a professional.

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fan error

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how to get fan to work

Bonni - Yanıt

My IBM thinkpad is showng black screen.n thr is only green light indicator with "z" circle around it

vaseem - Yanıt

Light only blink once then shut off y is that

ackeesaltfish - Yanıt

My ibm suddenly turn off everytime i turn it on and when the moment starting windows are on screen.

MC space bootz - Yanıt

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