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Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS

Camera won't turn on

No matter what you do the camera will not turn on.

Hold switch on

Before delving any further into this guide, make sure you have flipped the on switch that is located on top of the camera. Flipping the switch once turns the camera on and flipping the switch a second time will turn it off. If this does not solve your problem then please read on.

Dirty Battery Contacts

Their may be a build up of dust or other materials that are preventing your camera from acquiring battery power. To fix this, remove the batteries and clean the contact points with a fine wire brush or steel wool.

Drained/bad battery

If your Kodak easy share won't turn on, your battery may have died/drained. This is probable if you have not used your camera in quite sometime or if your camera was acknowledging that your battery life is low. This camera uses a Tech Fuel battery that is specifically designed for the Kodak EasyShare. You may also be able to recharge your current battery with a tech fuel battery recharger. Avoid using your camera to consistently view pictures, instead transfer them to your computer and view them from there. Lastly, avoid using the Flash unless necessary.

Short Battery Life

The Battery only lasts for a short period of time.

Avoid exposing the battery to anything that could contaminate the ends. Always wipe the battery clean with a cloth before placing it back in the camera. Avoid leaving the camera on for long periods of time. Avoid using the camera's video option for long periods of time.

Camera will not turn off

Your Kodak EasyShare will not turn off.

Camera has overheated / Camera freezes up

This problem may occur if you have left your camera on for an extended period of time, especially in a warm environment. To fix this problem, simply remove your battery and wait a few minutes before putting it back in. Once you have placed the batteries back in your camera flip the on/off switch to power up your Kodak EasyShare.

Pictures are of low quality and hard to see

The pictures you take are either too light, dark, or unclear.

Pictures are too light

To fix this problem first retake your picture at a further distance then previously taken, especially if you are using the flash. If the brightness does not change then decrease the exposure compensation using the options in the user interface.

Pictures are too dark

First try using the flash. If this does not help then try moving farther away from the area that you are trying to photograph. If the problem still persists then increase the exposure compensation which can be done using the user interface.

Pictures are not clear

First clean the lens on your camera. This can be done by using any sort of soft cloth that is lint free. If the problem still persists, double check to make sure your camera is not zoomed in or in close up mode. If the problem persists, you will need to change the lens on your camera.

Camera will not take pictures

The camera will not allow you take new pictures.

Memory Card is full

Check to see if your memory card is full. This is the most common solution to resolving this problem and can be dealt with in three ways. One, you can move all of the pictures on your memory card and internal memory from your camera too your computer which will create an ample amount of space. To learn how to remove/replace the memory card, visit the provided guide on Installing The Memory Card. Two, you can delete pictures that you do not want off of your current memory card or internal memory which right from the Kodak EasyShare which will clear space for more pictures. Or three, you can use a completely different memory card that is supported by the Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS.

Shutter button will not work properly

There are two possible solutions to this problem. One, your memory card and internal memory may be full. If this is the case, the Kodak EasyShare will not let you take new pictures. To solve this problem, refer to the section titled "Memory Card is full" within this troubleshooting guide. If the problem still persists, there may be a physical damge to the shutter on the Kodak EasyShare.

Broken LCD Screen

The LCD Screen on the Kodak EasyShare is cracked, damaged, unable to display an image

Unfortunately, the only way to solve this problem is to completely replace the LCD Screen. In order to do this, follow the guide on Replacing the LCD Screen provided on this site.

Communication problem between Camera and Computer

The camera must be turned on in order to view pictures from it on your computer. If this does not solve the problem, make sure that the camera's software is installed properly. If necessary, reinstall the software and restart your computer. Once this has been completed, close any other applications currently running on the computer and connect the camera with a compatible USB cable. If the problem still persists and you cannot view your pictures, check to see if your computer has an SD card input, in which case you can place your memory card into that slot and view pictures from your computer.

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I have a Kodak Easy Share camera. I have used it for years. Just now I can't get it to take photos or videos. I have formatted the memory card and also tried to switch to the camera's internal storage to take a couple pictures- those things do not work. I also am pretty sure that it is not physical damage to the shutter button.. as when I turn the camera on if I press the shutter button then it goes into photo mode as it should (so it must detect the button being pressed). What else could it possibly be!?

ryannay - Yanıt

i have my kodak easyshare camera for one year and just recently heading out of state it won't just turn on. I even bought new battery for it still nothing. When i came back from my trip and put a charger on; it turned on and it worked. but when i removed it it automatic turn off. At this moment i am still trying to figure what is wrong with it. Please tell me what could it possibly be wrong with my camera.

jasmine - Yanıt

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