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LGX6000 Troubleshooting

The LG VX6000 was released in 2003. It came with a stunning number of features for that time including a round-design 330,000-pixel camera, a color TFT-LCD for the interior window, as well as an Organic Electro-Luminescent (OEL) display for the external window.

Note: This guide only covers this specific LG model phone, other models will be covered in separate troubleshooting guides.

Won't hold a charge

The phone loses charge very quickly.

Problematic Battery

The battery may be malfunctioning and no longer is able to hold a charge. This loss of charge can be due to a variety of reasons, including water damage, age, and repeated dropping of the phone. To diagnose if your battery is malfunctioning click here ++LG VX6000 Battery Replacement

Network Down

If the network in your area is weak, your phone will lose battery charge very quickly while searching for a stronger signal. The easiest way to solve this problem is by turning your phone off in areas with bad coverage.

"CAR KIT" message pop up randomly and phone can't be accessed

The phone freezes and shows a "CAR KIT" message.

Water Damage

The LG VX6000 is very susceptible to water damage. One of the reasons this screen pops up is so Verizon can tell the customer that the phone has taken in too much water and therefore is malfunctioning.To verify if there has been water damage to the phone, use this link: ++LG VX6000 Body Replacement


Another reason this message might pop up is if you have dropped your phone repeatedly and frequently. The phone can only take 3-10 impacts from significant heights (3 ft or more). When it has taken too much damage, it malfunctions. If the phone is malfunctioning because it has been dropped too many times, the only way to fix it is to replace the logic board. For a guide to fix the logic board , click here ++LG VX6000 Logic Board Replacement

When connecting the phone to the charger, the charger blinks rapidly showing there is an error.

Contaminated Power Jack or Charger

Dust, dirt, or any foreign substance in the power jack or the charger can cause the phone to malfunction when being connected.

Damaged Power Jack or Charger

If the power jack or charger is damaged, the phone will not charge and will instead blink "Error." When the power jack is even slightly damaged, bent, or rusted, it malfunctions completely.

Shuts Off Randomly

Sometimes the phone will turn off and not restart unless the the battery is removed.

Too Much Data Saved on Phone

The phone may be overloaded because there is too much information, such as ringtones, pictures, and text messages stored on it. To avoid this problem, put the information on a memory card instead of your phone. If you still have too much data on your phone, get a bigger memory card to store more data.

Poor Quality

Sometimes phones will malfunction due to problems with the manufacturing. If this is the case, the only way to stop it from turning off is to trade it in at the location it was purchased. For the nearest Verizon location, click here ++

White Screen

When you open the phone the LCD screen is white, blank, or has an error message on top of it

Video Card Malfunction

A common reason for this glitch is a problem within the phone's video card. Closing and opening the phone (see guides) to reset the internal screen may fix this problem. Another solution includes turning off the phone and taking out the battery for a few seconds. Then, put the battery back in and turn the phone on, and the screen should be working properly again. If this problem continues, you may have to replace the video card ++[geçersiz kılavuz bağlantısı] or entire phone.


The phone screen may be broken due to dropping the phone too much. Dropping the phone may have broken internal circuitry also. To fix this issue you must replace the screen ++LG VX6000 Screen Replacement or entire phone.

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