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LG VX8550 Troubleshooting

LG VX8550 Chocolate 2

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers LG VX8550 Chocolate 2

Phone Will Not Turn On

No matter what you do, you can't get your VX8550 to turn on

Battery Will Not Hold A Charge

If the battery will not hold a charge then it needs to be replaced. To know if the battery won’t hold a charge, unplug it from the AC wall charger and see if it stays on. If the phone shuts off immediately, then the battery will not hold a charge. If the phone stays on then the battery might just need to be charged.

Charger Will Not Charge

To make sure the AC wall charger is absolutely the issue, power down the phone, by holding the end key and remove the battery from the phone. Then plug the phone into the AC wall charger and press the power button. If the phone does not respond, then the charger needs to be replaced. These can be found online or at your local Verizon Store.

Logic Board Is Broken

If none of the above solutions fix the VX8550, and the power button does not turn it on, you must replace the logic board.

Phone Shuts Off When It Is Unplugged

As soon as you unplug the computer from a power source, it shuts off.

Dead Battery

If your battery is dead, the VX8550 will work properly when plugged into the AC wall adapter, but it will turn off when unplugged.

Buttons Are Unresponsive

When you press a button, there is no response.

Locked Phone

None of the external buttons on the LGVX8550 will work unless the phone is unlocked. To unlock the phone slide the button on the right-hand side down, then release. If the phone is still locked after performing this action, you may need to replace the slider, but first check if your phone is frozen.

Frozen Phone

To check if your phone is frozen, first attempt a regular shut down and reboot. To shut down, hold the power button until the screen shuts off. To reboot, hold the power button until the screen illuminates. If the phone is still unresponsive, remove the battery, replace it, and reboot the phone. If buttons still don’t work check the following problems.

Loose Connection

If your keypad, touch sensitive buttons, or scroll wheel are unresponsive, you may have a loose connection. To fix a loose connection, access the keyboard housing or touch button housing and visually inspect ribbon cables for loose connections. There may be a loose connection near the buttons or near the logic board. Check both.

Bad Button

If the rest of the phone and buttons are working but only the specific button is unresponsive, you may have a bad button. If the keyboard or side buttons don’t work, access the main shell , and remove and replace the keyboard.

Stuck Scroll Wheel Buttons

If the scroll wheel doesn’t spin or a button doesn’t press, you have a jam. Remove the respective shell and clean the area with a lint free rag or a pressurized air canister. If the button is still stuck, replace the button.

Bad Logic Board

If none of the buttons work but your phone turns on, you may have a bad logic board. If all the connections are intact after taking apart the body, replace logic board.

Screen Does Not Illuminate

Your screen is completely black.

Turn On/Off Phone

If your screen does not turn on, try turning off your phone. Leave it off for a couple of minutes and turn it back on. It may have just been a temporary problem.

Bad Connection

If your screen is completely black, there might be a bad connection between the logic board and the screen. A bad connection may be caused by stepping on or dropping your phone. If this is the case, you must fix/replace the wiring between the logic board and the screen.

Broken Internal Screen

If your screen is cracked and will not show an image, the internal screen might be broken. If this is the case, you must replace the screen with a new screen.

No Power To Screen

If your screen is not receiving power it will be black. Open body shell and check to see that your power cable is connected. If the cable is connected you screen may be broken.

No Sound

Your phone doesn’t make any sound.

Sound Volume Controls

Check to see that your phone is not on silent or vibrate by adjusting the volume controls on the left side of the phone.

Broken Speaker

If your phone doesn’t make any sound, the phone’s speaker might be broken. The easiest way to check speaker operation is to make a call or play a ring tone. If the phone makes no sound then you need to replace the speaker.

Camera Does not Take Pictures

You can’t access or use the camera on your VX8550

Camera Firmware Is Out-Of-Date

The most common cause for an inoperative camera is out-of-date firmware. Confirm that the phone has the latest firmware by selecting MENU, SETTINGS & TOOLS, Phone Info, SW/HW Version. Compare the SW version with the latest update available from Verizon's website. The firmware can be updated at a Verizon retailer.

Camera Button Does Not Work

If you can’t access the camera function it could be that the camera button is sticky or broken. Try accessing the camera function through the menu by going to MENU, GET IT NOW, PICTURE AND VIDEO, TAKE PICTURE. If you can access the camera through this method, then the keypad button is unresponsive. Refer to the troubleshooting guide, "Buttons Are Unresponsive".

Camera Ribbon Cable Is Loose Or Disconnected

If the camera cannot be accessed from the menu or the camera button, then the ribbon cable to the camera may be loose or disconnected at the logic board. Inspect the ribbon cable to ensure that it has a good clean connection.

Bad Camera Unit

Exposure to moisture could cause the camera to malfunction. You will need to replace the camera.

Bad Logic Board

If the firmware is up to date and the button and ribbon cable are in good condition, then you could have a faulty logic board, which will need to be replaced.

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