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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Samsung BD-C6900 Troubleshooting

No power to device

Symptoms of this are: No output from device, no parts of device turn on, no lights or electronic signals that device is on work.

An external power cable/source/device is disconnected and/or faulty

1. This is fixable by checking all power cords, relevant breakers, and power protectors, and either reconnecting, repairing, or replacing those that are loose, faulty, or otherwise worn or damaged.

2. Those cords that have bite's from animals or children should be replaced.

An excess of charge is present in the machine

WARNING: Do not expose your flesh to any part of the connection between the device and the ground, wear insulating gloves made of leather or rubber.

The tiny surge protector tube in the device is burnt out

1. Simply remove the protector, copy down the voltage written on the metal of the tube, and replace the tube with one that has the same voltage.

Power turns off soon after being turned on and without any prompt

An excess of charge is present in the machine

1. The solution to this problem is to discharge the excess charge by connecting a conductor to one of the internal wires, and then to connect the conductor to the ground.

No audio/video output

1. No sound or video plays on the devices ( tv/speakers ) that the device ( blu-ray ) is connected to.

An external video/audio output is disconnected or connected improperly, or a cable is damaged

1. Disconnect video and audio cords from blu-ray and reconnect to the ports marked for the device that they will be output to (HDMI, Component, etc.).

2. Then do the same for the devices that the blu-ray is connected to.

3. Make sure to connect the audio cord to the port marked as 'audio in' and the video to the port marked as 'video in.'

4. Or if HDMI cable is used, connect to port marked as 'HDMI' in. If a cord is damaged then it should be replaced.

"'Internal connection of audio/video outputs are disrupted and no longer connected to main printed circuit board.'''

1. Clean out the device and ports with a can of compressed air.

2. Remove anything loose inside the device.

3. If the loose item is part of the device, replace it with a new item or try to solder it back on.

4. Re-solder any faulty connections.

Logic Board or Power Board is malfunctioning

1. If anything is clearly broken on one of the two, fix the broken piece with a soldering iron, or replace the broken board.

The disc won't read

After the disc is inserted, an error message will display on the tv screen, or nothing will show on the screen.

The disc is damaged

1. Clean the disc with rubbing alcohol.

2. Use some disc repair fluid on the scratched parts of the disc, instructions to use the repair fluid are on the back of the bottle of the fluid.

3. If the disc still does not work, the scratch(s) may be too deep to repair, and the disc should be replaced.

The laser lens in the disc reader is dirty

1. Clean the laser lens with a cotton swab.

Disc tray won't eject

After pressing the eject button on the device, nothing happens or the disc tray comes out then goes back in without it being pushed or the button being pressed again.

Something is jamming the disc drive

1. Open disc drive and remove any dust, crud, etc. that may be jamming it.

The disc tray motor is malfunctioning

1. Open disc drive and disc retainer, and remove and replace the disc tray motor inside.

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