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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

No matter what you do, you can't get your phone to turn on.

Before you start to disassemble the phone, make sure the phone is turned on. Also, try plugging the phone in to the charger. The battery may be dead. If the phone still won't turn on or charge, you may need to replace your battery. This is a simple task that is outlined in this guide.

The phone may actually be turning on, but nothing will appear on the screen if the display has gone bad. This is likely if nothing appears on the screen, but the phone still makes sounds and has call functionality. If this is the case, you may need to replace your display screen. A replacement guide can be found here.

"No sound comes out of the front speaker of the phone."

Double check that your volume settings are turned up and there aren't any audio output devices plugged into the device.

If you can only hear sounds coming out of your rear speaker, your front speaker may be broken or malfunctioning. You can find a guide to replace your front speaker here.

"When a specific button or multiple buttons are pressed, there is nothing indicating the phone acknowledged it."

Take apart the phone and clean the inner workings with the buttons. Dirt and other debris can cause issues in the phone properly receiving the button inputs. Be careful in this endeavor. Avoid chemicals that could damage your phone.

The buttons work with a cosmetic number pad and circuitry below that takes the actual input. The circuit board may be broken and need replacement. You can find a guide to replace this part here.

"After a violent event with the phone, the screen appears broken with a crack in it."

The phone is built with an outer, plastic shell covering the actual screen. This is the most likely part to be cracked/damaged. This will need to be replaced. You can find a guide to replace this part here.

Inside the phone, there is a screen that actual displays the information. This may have been what has been cracked/damaged. It will need to be replaced. You can find a guide to replace this part here.

"When compared to other instances in which the phone has been used, the battery runs out of power at an alarmingly fast rate. The regular use of the phone is not significantly different than it was when the battery fared better."

Often, phone reception can be a drain on a battery. When the phone constantly searches for a signal, it will drain the battery faster. Keep an eye on the signal the phone normally gets in the areas you keep it. Check the battery's life within various reception qualities to see how pronounced this issue could be.

A battery that is dying will hold less power than it would normally. The fix for this would be to replace the battery. You can find a guide to replace this part here.

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