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Motorola Droid MAXX 2 Troubleshooting

Released in the United States on October 2015

Device Won’t Turn On

The phone will not turn on even after it has been charged.

Faulty battery

If the phone won't turn on at all, the battery may not be able to hold a charge anymore. Therefore, the battery would need to be replaced.

Faulty charging port

If the phone does not show that it is charging, the charging port may be either blocked with debris or completely nonfunctional. First, try cleaning the charging the port with a Q-TIP or a can of compressed air to remove any dust or lint trapped in the port. If this does not work, the whole charging port will need to be replaced

Faulty charging cable

Try using a different cable or plugging your cable into a different electrical socket.

Nonfunctioning on/off button

If the phone's charging indicator light works when the phone is plugged in, but the display won't turn on, the on/off button may be broken. Fixing this would require replacing the external button or the internal button assembly.

Device Will Not Produce a Sound

Sound can not be heard coming out of the phone's speakers

Software error

If the device is not producing sound, first try to put the phone into safe mode and clear the cache partition. This is to make sure that errors are not being caused by any app that is running or formerly running.

Broken volume button

If you can't adjust the volume of the phone then the volume button is either stuck or is nonfunctional. If the button is stuck and doesn't depress then the phone will need to be disassembled so that the volume button can be repositioned in its housing. If the button is not stuck and still is able to be pressed normally, then the physical button and/or the internal button assembly may need to be replaced.

Malfunctioning speaker

If the volume indicator on the phone shows that the volume is being changed but the sound level does increase/decrease accordingly then the physical speaker unit is most likely at fault and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Use a can of compressed air or a Q-tip to clean any dirt or lint out of the speaker before trying to replace it.

Camera Doesn’t Work or Is Blurry

Either the phone's front or back camera is not functioning correctly

Front or back camera is blurry, cracked, or nonfunctional

First try cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth to see if the blurriness is due to a dirty lens. If this doesn't fix the issue, the camera might need to be replaced. A cracked camera lens will need to be replaced entirely.

Picture resolution is not adjusted correctly

If your pictures are blurry, first check the camera resolution. To do this go to the camera applications, from there go to the settings, and if the resolution bar is at the lowest increase it to see if that improves picture quality. Additionally, be aware of the low light limitations of this device. This would affect the ability to take a clear picture in low lighting.

Focus is not correctly adjusted

Blurry photos may come from problems with the focus. In the camera app, check the Auto Focus mode. If Macro Mode is on, then turn it off and test to see if that fixes the problem.

Camera application is faulty

The problem may also lie from the application. To fix this, download the camera app onto your Motorola Droid MAXX 2 from the PlayStore.

Device Can’t Keep a Charge

The phone quickly loses battery life even after it has been charged

Battery draining apps

First, check the device battery manager to see what is draining the battery. After doing this, close out applications that are draining the most battery. Things such as Bluetooth and locations services may cause the battery to drain quicker.

Too many unclosed apps

Apps, especially streaming apps, can drain the battery quickly. Make sure all apps have been closed completely to save the most battery.

Screen brightness is too high

Another reason battery drains quickly is when the phone's screen brightness is constantly set high. Go to your settings to lower the brightness of your screen in order to save battery life.

Screen Is Cracked

If the screen is broken or cracked, check and see if the phone still works properly. The phone may still be functional after being cracked. A cracked screen can be replaced at home or by a phone repair business.

Device Is Unresponsive and/or Not Working Properly

The phone's display has frozen up or is unresponsive.

Touch screen is malfunctioning

If your phone screen will turn on but is unresponsive to any touches or button presses then try a reboot. Press and hold the power button with the volume button until the screen goes dark and the phone restarts. This is a soft-reset and will not delete any of your data. If the screen assembly is broken, we recommend having a professional fix it.

Memory card is nonfunctional

By removing and replacing the memory card, you can rule out any physical issues with the card or any possible applications that may have caused a card corruption.

Buttons are not working

If the buttons are still not working, first try a factory data reset. You can Do this by going to settings, Backup & Reset, Factory Data Reset. If this Does Not work than you will have to replace the internal button assembly or the individual buttons.

Another way to factory reset is to hold down the volume down and power button, selecting recovery from the Boot Mode Selection Menu, hold down the volume and power button again, and select wipe data. (Note that a Factory Data Reset will delete all your data). If the buttons are still not working, the problem is probably not software related and the buttons may need to be replaced.

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When I call theres no sound or even the phone ringing to the number I called no sound and also I cant hear when answer the phone. but if you use the speaker phone its working.

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