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Motorola K1m Troubleshooting

This guide is for the Motorola KRZR K1m.

The screen has gone blank or white

Your screen has gone completely white or blank, and it is not responding.

The battery is not working

Try taking the battery out and then hold the power button for 15 seconds. Then connect the phone and charge it over night. Afterwards, in the morning, power it up using the power button. Refer to the repair guide.

The flex cable could be frayed or damaged

Since flex cable connects the displays to the main body, a frayed or damaged flex cable could explain why your phone is still functional but lacking the display operation. This problem can happen if you open your phone less than 90 degrees. If this is the case, then you need to replace the flex cable. Refer to the repair guide to do so.

The USB driver is not recognizing the phone

Your phone cannot connect to the computer because it does not recognize it or it's trying to find a driver for the phone.

Incorrect USB driver

There are different drivers for different programs. For example, Windows computers have their own drivers for the phone. Try installing the handset driver to your phone from the Motorola website: USB DRIVERS. Make sure you install the handset driver.

I can't upload music onto my phone

Your phone is connected to your computer using the USB connection, but you cannot upload songs from your computer to your phone.

The USB driver may not be the correct type

This problem relates to the previous issues regarding the USB driver. Try installing the correct USB driver so that the computer will be able to recognize the phone. Then try uploading songs from your computer to the phone. If this procedure doesn't work, then you should try to use a new USB cord.

The computer is not recognizing your phone

  1. Go to the phone menu
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to connection
  4. Select USB settings.
  5. Set the default to USB drive.

Now your computer should be able recognize your phone as a USB mass storage device or removable disk F. Connect your phone with the USB cable. You should be able to open the folder to view files. You can then drag your music files to the folder.

Incorrect Music Files

Make sure the files you upload to your phone are mp3 files because the Motorola K1m phone only accepts mp3 files. This problem can occur most times when you upload songs from a CD; notice that the songs uploaded from CDs are WAV files. To solve this problem you can download free software online that allow you to convert files into mp3 files.

Using the correct steps to upload music onto the phone

There are many ways to upload songs to your phone. Make sure you follow the correct steps provided by Motorola: Motorola website.

The Motorola site listed above will help you answer questions regarding moving and transferring files using the micro SD/transflash memory card or direct cable connection.

My phone won't respond when I press the buttons

The buttons don't press down or the phone doesn't recognize the buttons you are pressing.

Keypad is out of place

If the buttons on your phone are not responding correctly, it could mean that one or more of your buttons are depressed and will not come loose. It can also mean that the buttons are stuck inside the phone and cannot be pressed down. If this is the case, then the keypad is likely to be out of place, so you just need to re-adjust it. You may also replace the keypad as well. Refer to the repair guide.

A key came off the keypad

If a button has fallen off your keypad, then you can choose to

reattach it or you can choose to replace the keypad.

My phone has a crack on the front cover

The front cover, also known as the face plate, has cracked.

Fallen on to the floor

If the phone fell out of your pocket or you dropped it by accident, you will have to send it to the manufacturer or order another face plate and replace it yourself.

Cracked without having fallen

If your face plate cracked without having done anything to it, then it may have cracked due to temperature sensitivity. Again, you will have to either send it to the manufacturer or order the piece and replace it yourself.

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