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Nexus 9 Troubleshooting

Created by both Google and HTC, the Nexus 9 is both a stylish and powerful Android tablet. Although troubleshooting this device maybe be tedious, hopefully this guide will make it a walk in the park.

Tablet Won't Turn On

Even after plugging the charger into your Tablet, your Nexus 9 will not turn on or restart.

Faulty Battery

It could be that the battery inside the Nexus 9 has gone bad and needs to be replaced. With help removing the battery, please visit the Nexus 9 Battery Replacement guide.

Wrong Charger

Make sure to check that the charger being used is designed for the Nexus 9. It could be that the charger being used is not supported by the Nexus 9. In addition, sometimes knock-off chargers can be the fault for devices not charging, so avoid using these if possible. You can visit the link in order to purchase a new Google Nexus 9 AC Power Adapter and Charging Cable.

Bad Outlet

Sometimes it is neither the fault of the device or the charger. It is possible that the outlet being used to charge the device is broken, so just simply plug the charger into another outlet, and see if this fixes your problem.

Charging Slowly

The tablet is charging, but it's definitely taking longer than normal.

Poor Internal Connection

After much wear and tear, hardware connections inside the Nexus 9 could become corrupted or broken. This could be a possible explanation as to why the battery is charging slowly, or not charging at all. The removal of this faulty battery is your best bet to fix this internal problem. Check out the guide for Nexus 9 Battery Replacement.

Faulty Connector

Sometimes the cable being used to charge the Nexus 9 could be damaged by water, or simply wear and tear. Replacing this part of the charger and reconnecting it to the Nexus 9 could fix the problem.

Faulty Adapter

Just as the cable, the adapter being used to change the AC voltage from the outlet into usable DC voltage could have become inefficient from simple wear and tear, or internal hardware connections losing their connectivity. Swapping this adapter out with a new one could be the quick fix to a Nexus 9 not charging.

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The screen on you Nexus 9 does not react to your fingers or any other material.

Broken/ Cracked Screen

The screen of your Nexus 9 could have lost it's touchscreen ability by having a broken or cracked screen. The crack or shattered glass could have only resulted in a heavy blow to the device, so there might be some internal damage as well. Your best bet would be to completely remove the broken screen and replace it with a new one. With help removing the screen, please visit the Nexus 9 LCD Screen Replacement guide.

Poor Internal Connection

If your Nexus 9 has taken a fall recently, the damage done could have occurred within the internal electric connections of your device. The blow to your Nexus 9 could have altered the inner hardware connecting the screen to the motherboard of the tablet, thus making the touch screen just a... screen. In order to fix this, you must open you tablet and make sure the cable connecting the LCD to the motherboard is connected and not damaged. If it is, then the screen must be replaced. To fix this error, please visit the Nexus 9 LCD Screen Replacement guide with help locating the inner hardware connections.

Light Bleeding on the Screen

The corners of your screen are displaying white light on the very edges of the screen permanently, whenever the device is turned on.

Google has become aware of the common error of light bleeding on the corners of the screen of the Nexus 9. Light bleeding looks like white light being shown on the very edges of the screen, even though the tablet's supposed to be displaying a difference color. Google has offered to replace any tablet that has this light bleeding issue, you just need to ship it back to them.

Wifi not Working or Keeps Dropping

No matter how you position your device, it cannot see nor connect to any wireless internet in the area.

Too Far Away from the Router

If your Nexus 9 is too far away from the router supplying the wireless connection, that could be the reason for your frequent dropping of your wireless connection. By moving closer to your router, you wireless connection should become stronger. You could also try resetting your router, this is a common fix for wireless problems.

Wifi not Turned On

It is possible that the WiFi on your device is not working simply because the WiFi setting on the device was set to "off". To remedy this problem, simply switching the WiFi setting to "on" should get the tablet to see all wireless connections surrounding it.

Poor Internal Connection

If switching the Wifi setting to "on" on your Nexus 9 does not fix the issue of no wireless connection, there might be an internal connection that has become corrupt. To fix this issue, you must open up your tablet and locate your Wifi chip on your tablet's motherboard. By inspection, if the chip looks externally corrupted, there is nothing to be done. Replacing the whole motherboard would be the only solution for the WiFi to work again. By following the steps in the Nexus 9 Rear Facing Camera Replacement guide, the motherboard can be easily and properly removed.

Faulty Motherboard

Sometimes internal damage can occur inside the motherboard of the Nexus 9 which could result in the Wifi, among other things, to not work correctly. By removing the motherboard and replacing it with a new one, your device should work just like new. Follow the steps in the Nexus 9 Rear Facing Camera Replacement guide and the motherboard can be properly removed.

Near Field Communication(NFC) isn't Sharing Data

The Nexus is not able to share information with any other NFC enabled devices by tapping them together.

Not Turned On

It could be possible that the settings on the Nexus 9 regarding the NFC is set to the "off" position. By simply changing the setting of the NFC from "off" to "on", you device could be sharing folders just like it should.

Broken NFC Antenna

Since the NFC circuit board is located towards the back of the Nexus 9, it could be possible that damage has been done to the antenna by simply using the tablet on a daily basis. Your best bet would be to open up the back of your tablet and inspect the antenna. If it seems to have external damage, then your best bet would be to replace it with a new antenna. Please follow the steps in the Nexus 9 Power and Volume Buttons Replacement guide up to the step for removing the blue antenna board.

Broken Circuit Board

After inspecting the antenna of the NFC, the circuit board of the NFC should be inspected. If the antenna seems to be fine, there could be some hardware corruption occurring inside the board. By simply removing the broken circuit board and replacing it with a new one, your tablet should be up and running, good as new. Please following the steps in the Nexus 9 Power and Volume Buttons Replacement guide up to the step for removing the blue antenna board and circuit board.

Speakers Not Functioning

If the sound being played from your tablet is distorted or nonexistent, the speakers of your Nexus 9 might be broken.

Broken Speakers

If there is no sound, or the sound is really distorted coming out of the speakers, it might be that the default speakers of the tablet are malfunctioning. The only real fix for this problem is to switch out the speakers with new ones. Check out the Nexus 9 Speakers Replacement guide if you're ready to open up your tablet and fix the problem with your own hands.

Poor Internal Connection

It might be possible that the internal connection between the speaker and motherboard could have been altered or broken. The only way to fix this is to open up the board and investigate it for yourself. If you're looking for guidance, check out the Nexus 9 Speakers Replacement guide.

Broken Camera

You try to take a picture with the rear-facing camera of the Nexus 9 and it's not working, or the application will not open.

Corrupted Application

It might be possible that the application being used to open up the camera might be corrupted. To remedy this problem, the application used to open the camera on the interface of the Nexus 9 should be removed and then reinstalled. This might fix the corrupted files of the camera application.

Broken Camera Component

If your tablet has taken a fall or a blow to the back recently, the camera component might have been broken as a result. In order to fix this issue, you might need to get some hands-on experience and open up your tablet. For help finding the camera, please look at the Nexus 9 Rear Facing Camera Replacement guide.

Poor Internal Connection

It might be possible that the internal connection of the camera to the motherboard might have been broken or altered. In order to fix this issue, you must open up the tablet and check to see if there is any visible alteration. You can check out the Nexus 9 Rear Facing Camera Replacement guide if you need any help locating or removing the rear-facing camera.

Buttons not Working

If there is no reaction on the screen of your device when pressing the side buttons, your buttons may be broken.

Something Underneath the Buttons

If your buttons are jammed or not depressing correctly, this could be the result of debris around or underneath the buttons. If you cannot remove the debris externally please refer to our Nexus 9 Power and Volume Buttons Replacement guide.

Buttons Depressed too Far

If your buttons are hard to depress you may want to consider inserting paper behind the buttons to push the buttons farther out. Please refer to the Nexus 9 Power and Volume Buttons Replacement guide on how to insert the paper.

Bad Internal Connection

The buttons are internally connected motherboard so if you drop or jostle the device there is a chance you disconnected the buttons from the mother board. Please refer to the Nexus 9 Power and Volume Buttons Replacement guide in order to see if your buttons are disconnected.


The Nexus 9 may be overheating if it gets too hot to touch, or if it is noticeably hotter in your hands.

Too Many Apps Open at One Time

Running too many applications at one on your tablet may cause to overheat because of the amount of processing power that is being used to run all the applications. In order for your tablet to not overheat and possibly corrupt internal hardware connections, try to avoid using so many at one time and quit the ones not being used. In addition, using different browsers seems to help and also updating all applications downloaded on your tablet.

Surrounded by Thermal Material

Just like any other electronic device out there, it is best to use your device in a area that allows constant or frequent air flow. By surrounding your device with materials that retain heat, the device itself could become overheated and possibly inflict internal damage upon itself.

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I've updated my Google Nexus 9 tab. After updating now Camera is not working it shows screen white when I turn on camera, I can take pics but can't see anything on screen while taking pics! Help me pls

Awais - Yanıt

I screwed up and did the line on the nine dots and I can not remember how I made the line.  So

can I remove the battery and reset the 9???   I also got it to go to a guest and that lock-up.  Should

I use this 9 as a target?  (It wont do anything)  If any ideas please e-mail me Thank you Frank

Frank113 - Yanıt

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