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Nokia Lumia 830 Troubleshooting

Camera Takes Pictures On its Own

The phone will open the camera and take pictures on its own

An Error Occurred When Updating to Windows 10

You will have to hard reset your phone back to Windows 8 and update to Windows 10 again. This will delete all of your personal data, so be sure to backup your phone before proceeding.

Install the Lumia Software Recovery Tool on your computer and connect your phone. Once your phone is recognized by your computer, click the “Install” button and follow the wizard. The wait time for the recovery is different for everyone and can take some time.

After it is complete, you will have to go back through the initial setup. This should fix the camera problem. However, if you wish to go back to Windows 10, you can go into the “Settings” and search for available updates.

Mic Doesn't Work When Receiving Calls

You have trouble with people hearing you on the other end of a phone call

Out of Date Software

From the start screen, scroll to and tap “Settings”. Then scroll to and tap “Phone Update”. From there tap “Check for Update”. Your phone will determine if there is an update and begin downloading automatically.

Possible Lost or Corrupt Files

Be sure to backup your device before restoring it to factory settings. Go to the start screen and tap “Settings”, and then tap “About”. From here, you'll want to reset you phone.

Unresponsive Search Button

When touching the Search button the screen doesn't change or respond

Screen Protector Blocking Touch Response

If you have a screen protector on your device, try lifting the corner of the screen protector covering the search button, then press the button. Sometimes the screen protector on the device is too thick and blocks the touch response to the device.

Low Touch Sensitivity

Go to Settings > System > Display + Touch. Swipe to the left on the “Touch” section. Tap on “Touch Sensitivity” to view the current setting. If the sensitivity is on “low”, select “high”.

This will increase the device’s sensitivity to your touch.

Speaker Does Not Produce Sound

The Speaker Does Not Produce Sound From Either Internal Speaker

Sound Is Turned Off

Use the volume button on the side of the phone to raise the volume setting. If this issue only appears during phone calls, you may need to do this during a call.

Something May Be Caught In the Headphone Jack

This may sometimes trick the phone into ‘thinking’ there is a headphone plugged into the phone. Look inside to see if there is any fuzz or tissue inside; you may need a flashlight. If there is anything inside, try to pull it out with a set of tweezers or a toothpick.

The Malfunctioning Speaker May Need To Be Replaced

Obtain a new speaker from a reputable source. Be sure to get an official Nokia speaker for your specific device; Nokia phones will reject hardware that does not come from Nokia. Follow this guide to replace the speaker.

Phone Does Not Connect to Wi-Fi Networks

Adjust Your Phone’s Settings

Check to ensure that battery saver mode is not active. Also, ensure that bluetooth connectivity is disabled. Both of these can prevent your phone from connecting to available Wi-Fi.

Restart the Device

Turn your phone off and then back on.

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Unresponsive search button, back key and Window Start key, how to resolve.

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