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Öğrenci Katkılı Viki

Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Phone stutters or freezes

The phone screen stutters and or blinks

Phone Slowing down

Apps takes up space which can slow down your phone . To fix this, force close apps through the settings then app management.


An overheating phone can cause damage and it’s important to fix right away. Also if your phone is very slow when it overheats, that means your motherboard is the cause. [http://|Check out our guide to replace the motherboard.]

Damaged Motherboard

Damage to the motherboard can happen in many ways. If freezing or blinking has started to occur after a physical trauma consider [http://|replacing the motherboard using our guide].

Battery not charging

The phone drains battery life fast and/or does not charge

Broken charger

The main cause of battery problems may not actually be the battery itself, but can be the charger. Try either testing the charger on a different phone or using the appropriate charger for the Nokia Lumia 925. You should also check to make sure that the power outlet is working.

Faulty Battery

Phones batteries don't last very long. If your phone does not hold a charge or it drains quickly, it could be time to replace the battery. [http://|Here is our guide to replace the battery].

Black /No Image

Display has minor cracks / Broken display/ image not showing

Screen Unresponsive

Usually, phones tend to have a mind of their own. In this case, simply clean your display because a tiny drop of water, or sweat can make your screen to act up. Use a cloth to clean the screen, it is important to clean your screen once every few days.

Cracked Screen

Having minor cracks due to phone falling by accident. In this case you do not have a major problem, but other issues will show up within the Nokia Lumia 925. [http://|Here is our guide to replacing the screen.]

Display Doesn't work

A broken display can impact your phone in which it can turn black and you can’t access any of your apps. [http://|Here is our guide to replacing the screen.]

Front Camera takes blurry pictures

The front facing camera works some of the time and the auto focus does not work

Dirty Camera

The front facing camera is potentially covered by particles of some kind causing a blurry view. If this is the case simply cleaning the lens thoroughly, and it should solve the issue.

Faulty camera lens

It is common for Nokia Lumia 925’s to be manufactured with faulty camera lenses. In this case the only option would be to replace the camera lens. [http://|You can accomplish this by following this guide. ]

Front speaker not working

Phone calls crackling / bad quality or audio cutting out

Interior Damaged

Water is a main issue we all have in common when it comes to our phones. Lint is present, when water touches a component, and turns into a hair like substance. Water tends to go in the jack, or speaker openings and can damage your components. A simple way to determine if your phone has water damage is if you see lint. [http://|Our guide will provide you with a diagnostic test and replacing guide.]

Damaged speaker

A speaker can easily be damaged due to a shortage within the phone. If you have no audio, consider seeing if the audio jack works. If the audio jack does not work then it is a hardware issue. If the jack works, then the speaker is damaged. [http://|Consider using our replacement guide here.] If there is only audio issues while on a phone call, the speaker’s wires have come loose. You can either fully replace the speaker or try to re-plug the wires. [http://|You can find our guide to replacing it here.]

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