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Palm P101UNA Troubleshooting

Pictures are coming out blurry, or not at all

Damage to the camera screen

“If your pictures are blurry or blank, then your camera’s screen may be damaged.”

First, check if your camera screen has any moisture buildup underneath. This will rule out damage from the get-go. If there is no moisture, then the screen must have scratches and cracks. These problems can easily be seen by simply looking at the back of the phone where the camera is.

Damage to the camera

“If the Palm unit is not taking any pictures, then the issue is more than likely revolving around a broken camera unit.”

The replacement of the camera unit is not easy. After getting the appropriate replacement part, you must follow the design specifications of the Palm unit exactly or the camera will still not work. This type of repair is typically not do-it-yourself, but is usually left to professionals.

Pictures are coming out dark

Non-functional flash

“When the pictures are too dark, the problem is usually caused from a non-functioning flash.”

If your pictures are coming out dark, or black, then your problem lies with the flash. This type of problem requires you to open up the phone and replace the malfunctioning flash with a working replacement flash.

Broken flash bulb

"If the pictures are too dark, then the flash bulb may be broken."

If the pictures are dark or not bright enough, then the flash bulb could be broken and diffusing the light. This is the the little clear bulb on the back of the phone that the flash shines through. If it is broken/damaged, then it will be easy to verify by looking at it on the back of the phone.

My Phone won’t turn on.

Dead Battery

“One common problem with phones is when the battery is dead, the phone will not turn on anymore.”

If you haven’t done anything obvious to destroy the phone (like drop it in water), then the battery could simply be dead. There are a few different ways to figure out if your battery is indeed dead and they are all relatively easy. First, you can simply find someone with the same phone that is working and switch the batteries to see if it works. If you don’t know anyone, you can get a voltmeter and place the two ends of the leads onto the bottom of the battery. If there is no reading your battery is dead, but if there is a reading there is something else wrong with your phone.

Damaged battery connectors

"My battery has life but my phone wont turn on"

If there is a reading in your phone battery, then your battery connector could be damaged. The three metal strips on the back of your phone that connect to the battery can be bent or broken. These can be simple to fix, all you need is conductive metal.

The sound will not work properly on my phone

Damaged Speaker

"If your speakers sound is fuzzy or no sound is coming from your speaker, then your speaker could be damaged."

First, you should check if the speaker somehow got disconnected by opening up the back of the phone where the speaker is and make sure the wire is connected. If it is connected and you still have a problem, then you can fix the speaker by removing it entirely which is not as difficult as you may think. The most difficult step in the process will be to find the correct size speaker.

Charger won’t fit into the cell phone

Damage to metal conductor form bent or obstructing parts.

“My charger won’t fit into the phone, so I can’t charge it.”

If the charger won’t fit into the phone, then the metal conductor section usually is to blame. The first action when dealing with the metal part is to take out the battery source. After that you need to determine if there is a object obstructing the opening, examine the metal surface to see if there is something extra in there or if the metal strip is just bent. If the metal strip is bent, then the conductor section is the problem source. This repair can become tricky where you might have to remove the entire mental conductor to the phone and the outside charger. The simplistic way is for you to take a flat tool to try and apply pressure into flattening the surface and then to place charger to see if the would fit.

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My phone (Palm P101UNA), its key board not working properly, I mean the letters n b and c are not typing. How to rectify it?

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