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Pentax Optio WP Troubleshooting

For further troubleshooting help not covered in this guide refer to Pentax's official troubleshooting guide on Retrevo.

Camera will not turn on

No matter what, your camera will not power on.

If your camera will not turn on, it may be due to the fact that the battery is not installed, is not installed correctly, or is low on power. If you think any of these causes is applicable to your circumstance, try the following solutions:

Battery is not installed

Check to make sure the battery is installed; if not, install it. Remember to follow the guidelines and insert the battery so the positive (+) and negative (-) signs correspond with the signs on the camera.

Battery is not charged

If the battery is installed correctly, it is possible that the battery is dead. Remove the battery and plug it into the charging unit. Allow for a few hours of charging time.

If none of these remedies solves the problem, check the guide for replacing the battery.

No image on the LCD monitor

The LCD screen is black when the camera is turned on.

First, make sure the camera is not connected to any PC or TV. If so, make sure to disconnect the camera. If there is still no image, it is possible that the LCD monitor is turned off or broken. Pressing the OK button will turn on the LCD monitor.

If the LCD monitor is still not working, check this guide for replacing the screen.

Screen is too dark

The LCD screen is functioning but it is hard to see anything displayed on the screen.

It is possible that the screen is functioning but is extremely hard to see. This may be caused by using a low brightness setting while in bright sunlight. Adjust the brightness of the LCD screen and see if the problem is fixed. If you are still experiencing problems, refer to our guide for replacing the screen.

Shutter will not release

The camera will not take pictures when the shutter button is pushed.

If the shutter will not release and therefore the camera is not taking any pictures, there may be many possible causes. It is possible that the flash is charging, the camera is recording in video mode, or there is no space left on the SD or internal memory.

Flash is charging

If you suspect the flash is causing problems, wait for the flash to finish charging. The camera cannot take pictures while the flash is charging.

Camera is in Recording mode

If your camera is in recording mode, wait for recording to finish or switch to a different mode. Pictures cannot be taken in recording mode.

Memory card is full

If you believe your SD memory is full, delete photos from the SD memory card in order to create space for new photos. You can also check the guide for replacing the SD card.

Photos are blurry

Photos turn out blurry after they are taken.

If the photos are blurry or out of focus, it is possible that the lens is dirty or damaged. Use a cloth and possibly lens cleaner to clean the lens.

Flash does not work

The flash is in auto or automatic mode but the flash will not go off when taking pictures.

If the flash is not discharging, there are a few things you can check. First, make sure the flash setting is ON. Also, note that the flash does not discharge if the camera is set to Landscape, Fireworks, or Recording. Change the camera to a different setting to enable flash. You can also check the guide for replacing the flash unit.

Back buttons do not function

The buttons on the back casing will not work at all when they are pushed.

If the buttons on the back of your camera do not work, check our guide for replacing the back buttons.

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