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Light Will Not Turn On

The light fails to turn on after rotating the lens piece to the “On” position

Drained/Defective batteries

If the headlamp fails to illuminate after rotating the lens piece to the “On” position, one or both batteries may be drained or defective. You will notice a battery is defective if it has leaked battery acid into the compartment. Battery acid is a powder like substance that may be colorful. If you notice this substance, the batteries are defective and need replacement. Otherwise, the batteries are simply drained and need to be replaced

Burned out bulb

If the headlamp fails to illuminate after replacing any drained/defective batteries, the incandescent bulb within the lens piece may have burned out. You will have to replace the bulb. Check the headlamp’s rear compartment for a spare bulb. Try replacing the current bulb with the spare. If the spare does not work, you can purchase a new 3V bulb at your local supermarket or hardware store.

Light Is Not Bright

The light appears dim or faded.

Lens piece is dirty

You may notice some dirt or grime on the clear lens of the headlamp. This uncleanliness may cause an obstruction to light and result in sub-optimal performance. To enhance the usability of your headlamp you may need to replace the lens piece.

Lamp Is Not Stable

The headlamp fails to maintain a steady, upright position.

Mount assembly is loose

If you notice the headlamp fails to maintain an upright position while resting on a surface, the mount may contain loose screws or bolts. The screws may need to be retightened with a fitted screwdriver. In the case of missing screws, you can locate new screws at your local supermarket or hardware store. If the mount becomes unstable the nut & bolt component of the mount assembly may need to be replaced

Strap Will Not Fit

The strap fails to secure the headlight to your head.

Band needs tightening

If you just purchased the headlamp, the elastic band will need to be fitted to your head size. In addition, the elastic band may become loose after wearing it for an extended period. If the fit is too loose when placing the headlamp on your head, you may need to tighten the band at one or more cinch locations. For help on the tightening process, see our teardown guide for removing the elastic headband.

Elastic band has lost elasticity

If your headlight continues to become loose after tightening or adjustment, the elastic band may be worn. If you pull the band in opposite directions and it doesn’t stretch very far, the elastic is worn. If so, you will have to remove & replace the elastic band.

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