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RCA DECK215R Troubleshooting

Common problems that may occur with your 22” RCA DECK215R HDTV.

You have tried watching a DVD, but it does not work ... Don't dismantle your TV just yet!

If you turn on your TV and put a DVD in the DVD reader, but your DVD will not play, your TV might just be on the wrong setting. Ensure that the TV input is set to DVD. If the input is on the correct setting, see The DVD Is Facing the Wrong Way.

If your TV is turned on and on the correct setting, ensure that your DVD is oriented such that the top of the DVD is facing you. The DVD's orientation is crucial for your TV to read and play it. If the DVD is oriented correctly, see The Optical Reader Does Not Work.

If you have checked the settings and know the DVD is in the correct orientation but still have no luck, it is possible that your optical reader is broken. This may happen due to overuse or manufacturing defects. If this is the case, refer to our Optical Reader Replacement Guide.

You're pressing buttons and nothing is happening or they got stuck in the frame.

If a button is stuck it might be from dust or food particles wedged around it. Gently spray compressed air around the button. If the button still does not work, see The Button Was Overused.

Sometimes when buttons are used a lot, they lose their ability to spring back into place. This means you need to replace them, so take a look at our Button Replacement Guide.

You can hear audio but do not see anything on the screen.

If you are not receiving an image on the screen, it may be possible that a cable is disconnected. Ensure that all cable box, power cords, and audio/visual cables are connected to the TV by gently pushing their cords in to make sure they have not loosened overtime. If one of the plug goes in farther, this was most likely your only problem and everything should go smoothly when you tr to watch again. If checking the cables does not make the image appear on the screen, see The Motherboard is Dysfunctional.

If you checked that all cables are connected and you still see no video, you may have a faulty motherboard. A faulty motherboard can occur due to a manufacturing defect, because the TV was dropped, or because there was too much power going through the TV and the motherboard could not withstand it. See our Motherboard Replacement Guide.

Whether the TV fell over or you launched a Wii remote into it, your screen is damaged.

If your TV fell or something hit it and your screen is now damaged, the only solution is to replace your damaged screen. Check out our Screen Replacement Guide.

Unfortunately, if a pixel is white, it is dead. See our Screen Replacement Guide to resolve this issue.

If a tiny pixel or vertical strip of your screen is stuck blue while the rest of your TV functions normally, it is a repairable frozen pixel.Try applying slight pressure to the TV frame directly above or beneath the portion of the screen containing the frozen pixel. If this pressure does not work, try directly tapping the frozen pixel with a small, blunt, round object. If the pixel is still frozen, dampen a washcloth with warm water and place it in a Ziploc bag. Be sure the bag is sealed tightly! Lightly press the warm wash cloth against the frozen pixel and "massage" the pixel in a circular motion.

Your TV is properly connected and turned on, but you cannot hear any sound coming from your TV.

If you cannot hear any sound coming from your TV, it may be because your volume is muted or very low. Sometimes the settings get changed from someone else using the TV, you forget you changed them yourself, or the buttons got bumped and switched the TV to the wrong setting. Check both of these settings and listen to see if you start to hear anything and if the situation does not improve, see The Speakers Are Blown Out.

If you cannot hear any sound from your TV, the volume is not muted, and the volume level is audible, it is likely you blew out your speakers. To replace them see our Speaker Repacement Guide.

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