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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

Phone will not turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to turn on.

Hold switch to turn on

Before delving into the guts of your iPod, make sure the hold switch.... read on.

Bad battery

It is possible that nothing is happening because the battery is bad. The battery must be replaced.

Bad display

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If the display is bad, it must be replaced.

Bad picture quality

Are your pictures coming out blurry? Is there visible crack appearing when you take a picture? Are you experiencing better photo quality on devices other than your phone

Cracked camera lens

If you notice that your camera lens has a visible crack... To fix this issue, the camera must be replaced.

Pictures have better quality on other devices

When taking pictures with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you notice there is a visible difference when viewing the image on your phone and viewing the image on another device. It is possible the display assembly is bad. If it is possibly that the display is bad then the display needs to be replaced.

Phone case is damaged

There's no denying that the back of your phone is damaged.

Damaged back cover

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a damaged back cover, the back cover must be replaced.

No audio output from headphone jack

When your headphones are placed in the jack, no sound is coming through the headphones.

Headphone jack will not connect to headphones and play sound

If there is no audio output from the headphones, when in doubt try restarting your phone. If after restarting the phone and there is still no audio output, a replacement of the headphone jack is necessary.

Possible water damage

Is there any chance that your phone had recent exposure to water and your headphone jack is no longer working? Try restarting the phone and try listening through your headphones again. If this does not work, a replacement of the jack may be necessary.

Display assembly is not working

No matter how much you press on it, the screen is not responding to your touch.

Screen does not respond to your touch

If the screen does not respond to your touch and you have a screen protector, try removing the screen protector. Sometimes the screen protector's thickness interferes with the performance of the touch screen.

Soft reset

If the touch screen is not working or freezes, try soft resetting your phone.

Screen not functioning

If the phone is still not functioning, it is possible you will need to replace the display assembly.

Rear Case Replacement

Battery Replacement

Disassembling Back Chassis

Disassembling the Motherboard

Camera Replacement

Headphone Jack Replacement

Display Assembly Replacement

8 Yorum

sir my note 3 all sensor have stoped working please help thanks

raunaq - Yanıt

my phone often gets restarts itself

sisupriya - Yanıt

هاتفي غالبا ما يحصل إعادة تشغيل نفسه

bakaar0002 - Yanıt

My battery will charge in phone exactly like mine but when put in my phone battery will not charge

justnoob gaming - Yanıt

My earphone stays on. When phone is not connected to earphone, I can talk with speaker on.


Prentis Adams - Yanıt

sir my galaxy note 3 not completely appears only the logo of samsung..then it doesnt change until the battery is empty..will u help me sir..

Levin Palermo - Yanıt

My phone doesn't recognize a memory card that is inserted. Also doesn't connect to Internet without WIFI why?

michelle killough - Yanıt

The wifi and bluetooth on my galaxy note 3 is not working

Jason Decroix - Yanıt

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