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23 Yorum

Can I change the battery on a Blu Blu 6.0 phone

Tobe Angel - Yanıt

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Brisco Cooper - Yanıt

I forgot my password on my phone,Hard reset:complete

Factory reset:complete

How can i unlock my phone

Brisco Cooper - Yanıt

Forgot password dont have email

Jackie Collins -

How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900P

Brenda Stafford - Yanıt

how can i change a broken lcd screen?

sami aboudalha - Yanıt

i need your help ,since i am a novice in this field ;and i would like to know to do the testing everytime i have to do some repair or maintenance on a mobile ,i mean how to proceed methodically by using by using Tools and which tool to use of course,thank you very much in advance for your help .SAMI

sami aboudalha - Yanıt

My HTC Desire 510 froze. How can I fix it ?

mdragnldyf - Yanıt

my infinix zero 3 also has the same problem…pliiiz help

zikiamin -

I have the virus, stage fright , om

on my Galaxy Grand Prime ,is this repairable and if so what would have to be done to repair it?

Angie Gibson - Yanıt

My Samsung Galaxy tab GT p-1000 after recovery boot still shows (ROOT ACCESS IS MISSING. ROOT DEVICE?


Need help send me process on


Carribean Palm Online Mall - Yanıt

My ipad air 5th generation got lock and need help to unlock it

suziealva - Yanıt

My iPad 5th generation got locked need help

suziealva - Yanıt

How to do hard reset..is it applicable when you forget you pattern lock

Francis Lagungan - Yanıt

Is hard reset is applicable when yo forget your patteen lock

Francis Lagungan - Yanıt

My Charms are not working only the ones that give u coins

sharonsharp007 - Yanıt

I have a Nextbook tablet, and these letters and numbers are NX16A811K. Due to me having these letters and numbers i can't get my Nextbook tablet activated. Can you tell me step by step how can I activate my Nextbook tablet.

james.tommy34 - Yanıt

I'm having trouble activating my Nextbook tablet using these letters and numbers NX,16A8116K. The Nextbook tablet is a gift, and there wasn't an activation code on the receipt or inside the box. What do I have to do to get my Nextbook activated or get an activation code.

james.tommy34 - Yanıt

I have the lg optimus pro im getting a unable to connect to server application error what do i do it wont let me sign in on some of my apps

sashachronister - Yanıt

My Hurricane Groove Mobile Phone does not want to swtch Backlight Off, What might be the problem ?

Clifford Ndaba - Yanıt

i have an sd card that’s configured for another phone. how do i get the files and information off the sd card without erasing the contents

monzadon75 - Yanıt

i live a new tmobile revvl and the google wont let in it

Larry Powell - Yanıt

it didnt work

Larry Powell - Yanıt

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