Troubleshooting LG Ally VS740

Released April 2010, Model LG Ally VS740

When you turn on flash, it does not shine during photos or video.

The flash module is attached to the circuit board within the phone. It looks like a small black box with a white lens on it. Sometimes due to dropping the phone, devices inside can become disconnected. If the flash piece does not seem cracked or damaged due to water try to push down lightly and see if it works. If it does not work, refer to the [Flash Replacement Guide] to learn how to check the flash within the phone to make sure it is placed where it should be. If it is connected but is still not working then a replacement is needed.

Each device within the phone has a shelf life. Sometime's devices just break due to back circuitry. If the flash is not working at all and the module has no visual damage it is probably broken. Refer to the [Flash Replacement Guide] to find out how to replace the flash module with a new one.

Even though the camera is selected, no image is displayed.

Sometimes dirt can find its way inside the protective lens covering the camera. To remove this first layer to wipe off the camera lens refer to the [Replacing the camera] guide until it reaches this step. Take a fine cloth and make sure there is nothing covering the lens. If this still does not work then refer to the same guide to learn how to replace the camera.

Just with the previous devices, different parts of the phone can break or disconnect from the circuit board. To fix this refer to the [Flash Replacement Guide], to replace the old camera with a new one.

I have purchased a new keyboard color or my keyboard film is damaged and needs to be replaced

After awhile the thin film covering the keyboard can become worn and dirty. This means it might be time to replace the film with more trendy styles or just a brand new old one to give it that fresh look. Refer to the [Replace keyboard film] guide to learn how to situate the problem.

"The glass screen is damaged and cracked or there is dust around the screen.''

There is no quick fix to mend a broken glass screen. Refer to the [Glass Screen Replacement Guide] to replace the glass screen or take apart the phone to the section where you will be able to clean around the screen to remove any unwanted debris.

During any functionality, such as phone calls or games, the speaker will not make sound.

Due to a faulty part or outside damage, the speaker could have blown. This speaker is encased in a black module and cannot be accessed easily, a simple replacement will be less costly and time consuming in the long run. Refer to the [Replacing the speaker] guide to fix the problem.

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