I'm pressing the power button and nothings happening...

First, check to see if the Luna's properly plugged into a functioning wall outlet. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the "Power" jack on the Luna, and the other end is securely plugged into a wall outlet.

If there is still no power, this could mean that the wall outlet is faulty. Try plugging the Luna into another outlet, and try turning the Luna on again.

If all else fails, the mother board may faulty and needs to be replaced. For information on how to remove the motherboard, visit the Luna Motherboard Installation Guide.

When I plug my iPod into the Luna, it won't display the battery icon on screen that signifies that it is charging.

Remove iPod from dock and re-dock to make sure it is properly connected. The iPod should be facing forward and completely mounted on the jack on the top of the Luna.

Make sure the Luna is plugged in and turned on before the iPod is docked to the Luna. If you aren't sure, try removing the iPod and confirm that the luna is plugged into a wall outlet and powered on. Then re-dock the iPod.

Make sure your iPod is working properly before docking it to the Luna. Refer to your iPod manual for details.

The dock may need to be replaced. For information on how to remove the dock, visit the Luna Dock Circuit Board Installation Guide.

When I attempt to use my remote control, the Luna is unresponsive.

The Luna remote may need a new battery. To replace the battery, turn the remote over and squeeze the latch on the bottom of the remote to release the battery tray. Remove the tray and replace the current battery with a new CR2025 3 Volt Lithium Cell battery. Make sure the + side of the battery is facing the direction indicated on the tray. Then, insert the battery tray into the remote.

The remote should be pointed toward the IR window on the Luna unit. The IR window is located beneath the Luna's display. Also, make sure you are within 15 feet of the Luna when using the remote.

There is a battery icon blinking on the Luna's display.

To replace the Luna's batteries, turn the Luna unit over to access the battery compartment on its underside. Open the compartment by pulling up on the tab, and remove the old batteries. Then, insert two new AA batteries, and make sure the + sides are facing the direction indicated in the battery compartment. Then close the compartment by pressing the compartment lid into place.

There is a song selected on the iPod, but the Luna is not playing music.

Turn the front left knob clockwise to increase the speaker volume.

Press down on the front-left knob, then turn it until the screen displays the name of the audio source you wish to select.

Remove iPod from dock and re-dock to make sure it is securely connected.

The speakers need to be replaced. For instructions on how to replace the speakers, visit the Luna Speakers Installation Guide.

The sound quality sounds poor or distorted.

Turn the front-left knob counterclockwise to reduce volume level until sound distortion has diminished.

The original audio file being played may be of poor quality. This can be fixed by playing a better quality sound file.

Reset the bass and treble settings with the "reset" button on the remote.

There is either no sound when the radio audio source is selected or the sound form the radio source has more static than usual.

Plug the antenna corresponding to the bandwidth(AM/FM) you are listening to into its designated jack.

Move AM Antenna away from Luna unit and rotate the antenna until the speakers produce quality sound.

Place the FM antenna vertically above Luna and vary positions while the unit is on and in FM mode.

The Luna feels hotter that it usually does during use. This could mean that it is overheating, which could lead to damage.

Lower the volume or turn off the Luna until it returns to room temperature.

The information on the screen is difficult to read, because it is either blurry or doesn't have enough contrast against the background.

Adjust contrast and/or dimmer settings in the menu system. Room temperature can effect the display's contrast.

The display is white and no information appears when I attempt to turn the luna on.

If you are having difficulties turning on the Luna, see the section "Luna will not turn on" near the top of the page.

The display needs to be replaced. For instructions on how to remove it and install a new one, visit the Luna LCD Display Installation Guide.

Luna User Manual.

To return to the device page, click the XtremeMac Luna Device Page link.

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if you get "unplug to restart or Call customer service" at startup, the clock crystal oscillator should be broken.

Few cents for the new Quartz (32.768KHz) and the item is back in business.

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