hp deskjet 6122

I keep hitting the power button and it won’t turn on

Ensure that all cords are plugged into their respective ports and into the AC outlet.

A cord could be loose and not in all the way, push tightly on each one.

A cord could be damaged or stripped, inspect the wire. If there are any visible damages, consider replacing the cord.

I keep hitting the print button on my computer, but nothing happens

Ensure that all cords are plugged into their respective ports and into the AC outlet.

Insert the disc that came with the computer, or even search your computer online and update the drivers directly from their website. Drivers allow your computer to recognize and interface with your computer.

My printer is printing, but the ink is choppy

Your printer software comes with a calibrate option. Ensure that you run this, and it will calibrate and print a test page for you.

Your cartridge could be low on ink, this happens after roughly 500 pages depending on the amount of ink on each page.

Open up the front panel and place your hand on the cartridge. If it feels loose, try to push it into a “locked” state and try to reprint.

Every time I tell something to print, it runs, but nothing comes out

Your paper tray must have paper in it in order to print. Ensure there is enough in it, but not too much as that can “clog” the paper feeder.

Remove some paper, if it looks like too tight for any paper to fit through the feed track. Ensure the paper is placed in straight and on top of the feed wheels.

Make sure your paper is in the tray at the top of the printer. The bottom tray is where the finished product comes out. It is common to mistake these with each other.

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