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Eğitim programımıza katılan müthiş bir öğrenci, bu viki sayfasını hazırladı. Bu kılavuz, iFixit personeli tarafından yönetilmiyor.

iLooj won't turn on or is not moving

Your iLooj isn't moving, or responding to the remote.

Battery Charge

To check if your battery is charged plug in the battery and turn the power switch on; if the green light appears then the battery is charged, if a red light appears then you need to charge the battery. If there is no light when you turn the power switch on then you have a problem. To test the battery, you can do this by touching the leads of the battery to a multimeter and seeing if there is a charge or not on the display.

Remote Components

If your iLooj battery is charged, and the green light appears, yet there's still no motion, the problem might be the connection between the controller (detachable handle) and the device. To test connection refer to iRobot Looj 120 Remote Circuit Board Replacement '' Once the controller is disassembled test power leads by connecting them to a multimeter, to see the charge. If the multimeter doesn't read the charge, replace remote batteries (which are AA batteries), and try again. If it still doesn't display a charge, then the internal circuitry in the remote is damaged, refer to the guide above for more help.

Bad Battery

Your iLooj won't charge or takes too long to charge

Power Source

Check connection between the battery and wall adapter, look for any broken connectors or frayed cables. If there aren't any visible damages proceed in checking the wall outlet. Try charging the battery on a different wall outlet; the battery takes about 12-14 hours to fully charge, don't charge the battery longer than the 14 hours because that could damaged the battery. If the problem continues than the issue is a bad battery, it is recommended to purchase a working battery. The manufacture's name and model should be on the battery, make sure to purchase a battery that matches your batteries specifications.

iLooj treads are slipping

Your iLooj is receiving the connection, and is moving but is inconsistently moving.


Check the outside and inside of the treads, look for any worn spots or slashes/holes. If your tread is in poor condition, it is recommended to purchase treads online. To replace treads simply pull off tread from the front end (auger end) and then from the back end.


If your treads aren't the problem, check the wheels. Remove treads from iLooj and inspect the wheels, if there are any worn spots or cracks in the wheel, it is recommended to change out the damaged wheel/wheels.


If the battery is charged and is receiving the signal from the remote and the problem continues, then the issue might be the motor/motors. There are two motors on the iLooj, the first controls the auger, and the second controls the rear wheels. To check the motors try spinning the motor by hand, if there is a lot of resistance, or the motor doesn't move than there is a problem. To test motors refer to guides iRobot Looj Front Motor Replacement " and iRobot Looj Rear Motor Replacement "

The Auger isn't spinning

Your iLooj is running fine, but the auger isn't moving

Auger Button

If the battery is charged and is receiving the signal, but the auger doesn't move the issue is either the controller or the motor. First check the "auger button", that's located on the remote control. As you press the button there should be a green light on the remote signifying that the signal is being sent, if there is no light when you press the button, than the issue may be the controller. To test the controller refer to guide iRobot Looj Buttons on Controller Replacement "


If the problem continues check auger for any damages such as, broken/cracked plastic, bent axle, and listen for noises while spinning axle by hand. These noise can mean that an internal motor component is damaged, if this is the case it is recommended to replace the motor. To test motors refer to guide iRobot Looj Front Motor Replacement "

Wheels aren't spinning

The wheels on your iLooj seem wobbly

Front Wheels

There are two sets of wheels on the iLooj, the front wheels (on the auger side) and the rear wheels. The front wheels are free spinning wheels, which means, that they aren't directly connected to a motor; and the rear wheels, which are connected to a motor. To check the wheels try spinning them by hand, If you notice that the wheel is either wobbling or rubbing on a surface as it spins, then the issue is the axle. The front wheels and axle are pressed together so to access the axle remove the outer shell of the iLooj, refer to iRobot Looj Rear Motor Replacement " Once outer shell is removed inspect the axle, if there are any bends it is recommended to purchase a new axle (because straightening an axle can be difficult).

Rear Wheels

To check the rear wheels, spin them by hand if the rear wheels are wobbling or rubbing on a surface check the axles; to check the axle pop off the rear wheels with a flat-head screw driver or a wedge. Inspect axles for bends, if axle is bent, it is recommended to purchase replacement axle. If you hear any noises while your spinning the wheel then there might be an internal issue with the motor. If this is the case refer to guide iRobot Looj Rear Motor Replacement " to replace the broken motor.

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