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iRobot Roomba 650 Troubleshooting

Released August 2012, Forth Generation Roomba Device

Sometimes your Roomba will produce an error tone followed by the blinking troubleshooting light will and some beeping noises or audio.

Luckily, these problems are usually an easy fix. Directions are provided in the user manual for errors such as these. Here is the link to the online manual if you have lost yours. (Pg. 26)

If you are getting error 9 in particular, something is wrong with your bumper sensor. See our detailed guide below describing how to fix this.

*Press Roomba's bumper or CLEAN button to repeat any error messages.

If your Roomba is not producing any error lights or noises read on!

Your Roomba appears to be dead and does not light up or move.

Check to make sure your Roomba is charged and that your charger is functioning.

See our battery section below to check if your battery needs replacing.

Your Roomba runs out of batteries without returning to its charging station.

It is best for your Roomba's charging station to be in a central location. Sometimes when the charging station is far away from the area your Roomba is cleaning it can get lost.

See our battery section below regarding batteries.

Your Roomba dies shortly after you charge it.

Try resetting your Roomba. The online manual contains detailed instructions on how to reset your Roomba and discharge its capacitors.

If resetting your Roomba does not appear to do the trick, you probably need a new battery. Follow our guide to see how to install it.

Battery Replacement Guide

You can buy new batteries here.

Your Roomba does not like going over dark objects.

This is a common problem with many Roomba devices caused by a misperception in the device's cliff sensors. A Roomba’s cliff sensors are located on the bottom of the device and give it the ability to sense if it is going to fall off a ledge. However, these sensors often mistake a dark carpet or floor for a cliff. There is a fix for this!

Your Roomba does not seem to be cleaning.

Check to see if your bin needs to be emptied. It is possible the Roomba's system does not sense that it is full.

If your bin is all clean and is still not working, it may need to be replaced. The bin should easily slide out if you push on the large button above it. You can buy replacement bins here.

See our battery section below regarding batteries.

There appears to be a broken piece on your Roomba

A little glue and tape can often solve the simple body work problems.

If the problem is more severe you can purchase replacement parts here.

Your Roomba does not seem to be automated anymore.

See the online manual on how to reprogram your Roomba.

Your Roomba can only move in a circle or its movement is inhibited

Check out our wheel replacing guides below to see how to access the wheel housing. Try cleaning some of the accumulated dirt and grit out.

If one of the main wheels seem broken it may need to be replaced. We have a guide for that!

Main Wheel Replacement Guide

You can purchase new wheels here.

If the caster wheel (wheel in the front that swivels) seems broken, we also have a replacement guide for that.

Caster Wheel Replacement Guide

You can purchase replacement caster wheels here.

Inspect underneath the sidebrush for debris.

Check out our guide on how to replace your Roomba's sidebrush motor module.

Sidebrush Motor Replacement Guide

You can buy a new motor module or motor here.

Or here.

You can buy a new sidebrush here.

Your Roomba is showing error 9 or you notice that one of your bumper sensors are not functioning.

Follow our guide below and see if there's any debris interfering with the senor before replacing it.

Dead IR recievers are a very common problem for Roombas. Check out our guide for how to do this! The fix is a little long, but not too hard.

Bumper Sensor IR Receiver Replacement Guide

You will need a new IR receiver available here.

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my roomba works perfectly bu does not return to the base

Primo Turista - Yanıt

my roomba is working perfectly bus does not return to the base

aureliano bonini

Primo Turista - Yanıt

My Roomba ran over my dogs poop and since after cleaning the whole thing and replacing all needed parts and replacing the battery, it still no longer works. Any help out there would be ever so great full.

Pepper Dillard - Yanıt

My Roomba just goes back and forward and small circles and then dies

Mick - Yanıt

Is it normal for the DOCK light to be on while Roomba is cleaning?

katiechoate - Yanıt

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