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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Markus Laeng ,


It can be be done:

1. Tear down the Nexus 7 until you have the digitizer/ LCD combo

2. Fix the combo by the glas on a heating plate / or a copper or aluminium plate you can heat with a hair dryer. Alternatively fix ist somewhere and put it in the full sun to heat up.

3. Heat it until the combo has 50-70° Celsius

4. Take a ultra strong fishing line or something similar (people proposed E-Guitar strings), attach it to two handles and start sawing carefully through the glue to separate the LCD from the digitizer

5. Remove the glue carefully with LCD Glue remover ( or Orange Glo

Before trying that, read all the information and watch all the videos in he following posts, so you know what it is all about.