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How to get rid of screen "stain"

I don't know how it got there, maybe while movbing thr iMac, but now there's a sort of blue stain that looks like a cloud in the middle of the screen. It's like when you touch an LCD screen with your finger, it will produce a mark and diseapear after a few seconds. But this stain on my screen is permanent.

Any tips ?


Thank you. I guess I'l have to live with it then.

A 2 inches blue cloud ain't that bad after all.

It's not as bad as the time my daughter "painted" my 22 inches screen with a magnet...

Had to buy a machine to take care of this one

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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THanks for the "finger" tips guys ! ;-D


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You ask for a tip? When you move the computer next time after you replace your screen, Keep weight off the screen and wrap it well before you put it in a box.

Sorry but that is the only tip I have as it sounds like you may have damaged your screen in the move.

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This a presure mark, and won't go away. You will have to replace the LCD panel to regain full functionallity.

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