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Model M5343 / 333 or 400 MHz G3 processor

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What buttons to get to boot config screen?

Hello. I hope someone can tell me the keys used to reach th boot configuration setting at startup? Thank you for your time.

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I'm not entirely clear on what you mean by boot config. What is it you want to do? Ralph


Are you booting to System 9? Boot configuration setting is not mac language so most of us don't know what you're talking about.


Holding option and getting the Boot Manager is not always true on the early PowerBook G3s. Every time I hold Option this restarts it. On the Pismo, etc. it works as expected.


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If you hold down the "alt" key (may also be called "option") immediately after you hear the startup tone this will allow you to choose your startup disk. Bootable CD's will also show as available startup options.

If you know you want to boot directly from a CD then hold the "C" key down immediately after you hear the startup tone.

If you want to boot in target disc mode then hold the "T" key down immediately after you hear the startup tone.

**Remember this is assuming the commands are the same when working with G3's. (I have used them working with G4's & G5's)

Hope this helps!

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thank you for the reply. You have answered my question. I'm up and running smooth once again.


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