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The Dell Latitude E6400 was Dell's mainstream corporate 14.1" notebook introduced in August 2008.

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No bluetooth found in device manager

I have dell e6400 with backlight keyboard problem is my bluetooth is not working even it is not showing device manager. please help in this regard.

Thank you.

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I have a similar problem. Basically downloaded the new updated bluetooth driver that popped up with my service tag. Hit install, halfway through install it popped into firmware upgrade DFU wizard unattended and hung there. Came back to find my Bluetooth Card Hosed (No longer enumerating in device manager). In my case it was a XPS 1640 Minicard 370, and the package was R205174 which says Vista on the dell site, but its the only one available, and the directory structure shows Win32/Win64 so it should be compatible. But then again, who knew they'd automatically jump into a firmware upgrade without any notification, I was expecting software drivers. Oh I've as of yet found no solution to this.

Windows 7 x64 SP1, XPS 1640


I am trying to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Dell latitude 6400 and I cant find the settings to turn on the Bluetooth. How do I fix this?


Thanks worked for me


guys, be assured. i tried more than 50 unsuccessful ways. and finally, just install the driver



best wishes.


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Sounds like you either have some drivers or firmware issue. Try to perform a manual firmware upgrade of the Bluetooth device. Run the following program: C:\dell\drivers\R226750\R226750\Win64\svcpack\SetupBluetoothDFU.exe. The program will prompt you for a ".dfu" file which is located in the same folder C:\dell\drivers\R226750\R226750\Win64\svcpack. After updating the firmware your Bluetooth should be working again. Of course you can also get the rivers on the Dell site. hope this helps, good luck.

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After Giving ".dfu" image it gives the following error

"The DFU wizard did not detect a matching bluetooth device for the DFU image file you selected. please make sure you plug in the correct Bluetooth device and select correct DFU file then click next to continue." :( I don't understand how to activate bluetooth. . .


Has the bluetooth every worked for you on this computer? Have you checked on the side, there should be button to turn it on.


I Checked it thoroughly there is a Wifi switch and WiFi Catcher and nothing else.


Has the bluetooth ever worked on your computer.? The Bluetooth is optional on your computer so make sure you have the Bluetooth option. If you do then you should have a Bluetooth indicator light above the F1 key. Fn+F2 that will switch your Bluetooth wireless on and off


No I never try to use it before. Yes there is a bluetooth indicator above the F1 key but it is not lightening on. Even Fn+F2 button is not working because F2 key has like battery sign instead of bluetooth.


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1. make sure bios has bluetooth enabled at 2 places under wireless category.

2. go to Dell support site & download and install bluetooth drivers for 370 minicard. This driver is located in the networks category.

3. right click on the task bar, click on properties, click on customize, find bluetooth icon and change behavior to "show icon & notification". click ok and ok again.

4. by clicking on the blurtooth icon in the task bar you can now access the bluetooth functions.

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Apparently seems like your Bluetooth is either disabled from your network connections or may be there is some hard switch which turned off.

Other way is to check on your keyboard from top F1 to F12 keys if you can see a Antenna like sign on any of key then press that key by pressing Fn key together.

If the problem still persist then I would recommend you to go on your manufacturer`s website to download the latest driver and update your driver that might can help.

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I have had a sudden sudden bluetooth failure after using it earlier today. I spent 2 hours reviewing web comments on how to get it turned on and finally gave up and plugged in a bluetooth dongle which worked. I then shutdown and removed dongle and the internal bluetooth works again - I don't know why but I will accept result.


It worked for me on a Dell Latitude E7470 Thanks


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