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How can I tel if I need a new charger cord?

I have a iBook g4. When i got it the cord was in two pieces. I had it repaired, the amber light glows but will not turn green.

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That sounds more like the battery is not fully charging. Can you try another battery? Or another adapter? How many lights show on your battery and are they steady or flashing? Ralph

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I just purchased a new battery, because the old battery did not show any lights after 48 hours of charging. The light on the cord still stays ambler. The computer does come on though.


Is the new battery showing a charge? If not you may have a bad dc in board. Let me know how its going. Ralph


Thanks 4 your answers. I have also a new way to tell. You could use a amp reader and see if the output is right. That was the only way I really found out that it was bad.


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The DC-IN board is very straight forward to replace. The instructions on this site are excellent. And you CAN do it yourself. Just make sure you have a grounding strap and a good set of drivers, phillips and Torx-recommend going to Lowe's/Home Depot and pick up Husky's 8 in 1 drivers, the flat/phillips goes down to #000, and the Torx gives the various sizes needed. Torx are not needed as much so I use the handle for my #00 and the #000 in the other. I also keep my allen wrenches handy. The instructions usually only listed the #00 phillips but trust me, you can use the #000 for the really small screws. Print out the associated screw guide and get some double sided tape (holds the screws onto the sheet in case you bump it or the wind blows) to tape onto each screw area. And a Spudger (plastic). I use my tupperware peeler with good results. Took me 40 minutes start to finish but then again I've taken several mac laptops apart previously.

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