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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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Problem after install of HD on iMac

Installed new HD and after I did the restore of Time Machine with my external HD. On the reboot I keep getting a message saying "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press again." The screen turns green with a bunch of words and numbers. Some of the words say, Mac OS version: Not yet set. Don't understand most of it. Don't know what to do. Everything was going along fine until this. Help,, Thanks Peter

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Well, I just got back from the Apple store and they don't know what the problem is with my iMac and they don't repair or have parts for computers over 5 years old. They said it could be the logic board or something else that could have been lying dormant until now. Not sure what I'm going to do at this point, but it's starting to look like new computer time. I feel bad because everything was going great after the install of the new HD. As soon as I completed the restore with my external HD and Time Machine and had to do a reboot that's when I encountered this problem,which is: the computer will not boot up. It will start up and I hear the chime then I see the Apple logo and the message comes on the screen saying Ineed to restart my computer, hold down the power button,then press the power button again. I tried holding down the C key, then the Option key, then the Shift key and it didn't work. It's as if the computer doesn't recognize the keyboard and as I was trying any of this I inserted my Mac OS X DVD and I can't eject it frm the computer. So, at this point if anyone has any other ideas please let me know. If not, thanks for all the help. This is a great website. Peter

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The version I'm using is 10.6.8. I cannot reboot. Please read my last post. I'm really disappointed about this, I love this computer.


I just held down the mouse on boot up it did eject the Disk. Thank you. Why didn't the "Genius" at Apple do that? I just did the PRAM Reset and it didn't work. I held down the Command,Option, P and R keys but the computer didn't chime the second time and it's still doing the same thing. The model is 2104. I bought in March of 2006. I hope this helps. Thanks


The version I'm running is 10.6.8 and I did not recently try to install a new OS. 2104 is the model number on the bottom of the computer and it's an intel Core Duo processor. I tried booting up with nothing attached and the same thing happens. Yes I did install a new HD myself on Friday and everything went fine. The problem started after I did a restore,which went fine, using my external drive and Time Machine. At the end of the restore I had to restart the computer and that's when the message on the screen occurred.


I've been talking with a Mac Certified Specialist and he has put the computer through all the testing he knows of. He now feels its the logic board and doesn't think it's worth the expense of replacing it and I'm inclined to agree with him at this point. So I'm thinking of either buying a new iMac or buying a refurbished one. I want to thank all who have contributed to this discussion. I appreciate it and think this is wonderful website.



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What version of OS is the Time Machine copy from? If it is 10.7 or later I would start by pressing option when I boot and select the recovery partition. Then I would try disk utility and verify the disk. Once you have either verified the disk is fine or repaired it after being told it was not fine I would repair permissions.

If that doesn't help I would then do a fresh install of the OS and and either restore again, or manually migrate the data from the Time Machine backup. To be honest, I would almost certainly just do a fresh install of the OS myself but that's a choice and not a necessity to start with.

Report back if you have questions or this is not helpful.

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When you boot try holding down the mouse button to eject your disk. If it recognizes the mouse it should pop the disk out.

Have you reset the PRAM?

Could you be more specific about what model the iMac is? If you don't know exactly which model the year, size, and look of the machine would help figure it out.

I did some google investigation and there were some success stories for people with the same issue.


I'm doing some ongoing research but I wanted to start with a question. What version of OS X were you running? Or did you recently try to install a new OS?

Also, I don't believe 2104 was used as a model number. Your model number should be on the back or bottom of the iMac. If not do you know if it had a G5 or an Intel processor?

Also, can you try booting it up with nothing attached to the computer? No external drive, no mouse, no keyboard, etc.


Did you install the new HD yourself? If you can not boot from the install disk or by using option I would consider re-installing the old drive if it's still functional in order to let you know if it is the new drive that is the problem. There are also comments/questions above this comment that I wrote earlier.


Have you tried booting without anything connected? If that works start connecting things again one by one to find out what the culprit is. Also, is it possible for you to post what kernel panic is showing? There should be a specific error.


The version of OS the Time Machine is from 10.6.8. I've tried pressing Option more than once and I get the same window. I've tried EVERYTHING you have suggested and nothing is working. Tried to do a fresh install, didn't work. Keep getting the same message. It's as if the computer is completely frozen. I've spoken to a Mac certified specialist and he put me through all the tests that he knows and at this point he thinks its the logic board and he doesn't think it's worth the expense and I agree. I'm now looking at refurbished iMacs .


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