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Repair guides and support for full size headphones that encompass the entire ear, also known as circumaural headphones.

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How do I replace the headphone jack?

I have a set of Sony MDR7506 Professional Studio Headphones with a bent mini plug. I've managed to unscrew the jacket around the plug to expose a red, green, and copper wire. The red wire and green wires are soldered to a short green board extending out of the bottom of the jack assembly. The copper wire appears to be soldered to the metal clamp that connects the headphone jack assembly to the cable.

I'm planning to see if I can find a replacement jack at Radio Shack, but I'm curious if anyone knows if this arrangement of wires is standard and if there's anything I should be aware of before attempting to replace the jack.

Many thanks!

UPDATE: I finally picked up the parts (at Radio Shack) and completed the repair! The big thing that I learned is that the red wire in these Sony headphones corresponds to the ring; the green wire corresponds to the tip. I figured it out by tearing apart the green board at the bottom of the jack to track the wires. And then I checked to make sure right and left were working properly after the soldering was done by listening to the handy sound files at this website:

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I am talking about the receiving jack within the actual laptop.


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yes, you can buy a generic replacement mini stereo plug at Radio Shack or other electronic component retailer.

the 3 wires of a stereo headphone plug each connect to one of three conducting parts of the plug, referred to as the Tip, Ring and Sleeve:

the wiring end of a stereo plug will likely look something like this:

fyi the wire attached to the ring is the right channel, the tip is the left, and the sleeve is ground.

the copper wire you've identified sounds like it's the sleeve/ground. I'm not familiar with this particular model of headphones, but I assume there are no electronic components on the small green board you mention, and that it simply has wiring traces on it connecting the wires to the plug's tip and ring conductors?

assuming that's true - if possible, visually identify which of the red/green wires goes to the tip and ring conductors.I don't remember if there's some standard convention for red/green mapping to tip/ring... but to be sure you can also use an ohmmeter to confirm your existing headphone wiring.

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Sweet, thanks!


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