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Model 1402 / 16 or 32 GB capacity

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Where can I find replacement parts?

I have a zune hd that took a hit in a skateboarding accident. The device is fine except for the ribbon cable that connects the audio output jack. Where can I find a new jack / ribbon? (4 solder points and I'm good to go! If I could only find the part.)

I think I can make it work with small gauge wire... but I'd rather have the actual part. Any advice?

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Check this page for guides etc., but for parts, you'd have to search ebay, amazon, etc., and you'll find plenty of parts all over the place.

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yea i need the same part myself, ebay doesnt seem to have it but i will keep looking

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Anyone still interested in parts go to:


I have used both of these vendors with good results.

Good luck!

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