How do I make this computer respond?

when booting this mac it only goes to the apple screen and had the loading will not go any further.. what should i do?

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Reboot from the original system installation disk ( C key ). Go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utilities and see if you can run the Disk Repair. Let us know your results please.

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So I've tried that and at one point it wouldnt eject the disk. It will not turn off using the power button. It just does what I stated before. Please tell me it's something I can fix myself with your help. Thanks!!


Did you get to disk utilities? Would it repair the drive?


No. It stays on the apple screen with a spinning loading cirlce it will not respond to the disk (c key). Honestly i think it would continue to stay on that screen til the battery dies. Is there anything else i can do?


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