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Screen spazzing or glitching

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When i turn my ipod on, the screen is fine but after 5 minutes or so the screen spazzes or glitches out and i cant read or see anything because all of the apps and the backround and everything is stretched out everywhere through out the ipod screen. Please help!

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Connor Garry, what exactly do you mean by "spazzes or glitches out"? Post some images of your screen when it does that.


how do you comment a picture?


You can't in comments, just attach it to your original answer. Id you need more info on the how to attach, just check my answer on here repair battery connector iPhone 4


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you were right it definitely spazzes and glitches out:-) darn that is weird, but kind of cool in a surreal sense ;-) This looks like a bad video processor, or in the case of your iPod the ARM processor. Especially since it does it after a few minutes. Possibly heat related failure. Of course you do want to do the the habitual restore, just to rule out any firmware issues. Also check your ribbon cables etc. I would even go and purchase a relatively inexpensive display and see if that makes a difference. Ultimately, looking at your pic, I do not think that this is a LCD issue, but a processor issue. May be a professional reflow or reball might work. Hope this helps, good luck.

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